The week two slug.

Although my training week technically begins each Sunday (long runs scheduled for Fridays), today feels like the start of week 2. And perhaps it’s a placebo effect from past experience, but the second week of a new regiment is always the toughest! I am in serious denial that I need to really focus on diet and sticking to a schedule.

In perfect alignment with that theory: I slept 3 hours later than planned this morning! So, for at least one more day the giant-blob laundry pile will grow, and I will my methods section for thesis back again. I am headed to the gym in about 10 mins. 4 easy-treadmill miles and an upper body strength workout.

My planned session for today is one giant set repeated 4 times. I might only have time for 3 sets however, as I have to be work at 1:30. (stupid sleeping).  I have to be back at LPAC tonight to teach a water class, so I might tag on some extra time then if I get out of work early enough.


2 responses to “The week two slug.

  1. I know how you feel! Laundry, dishes, sweeping and mopping are all falling to the wayside as I get myself back on track. I wish you taught at my gym 😦 I’d be in spin all the time!

  2. I know it Shelly, you can come with my to my classes anytime you want! Just give me 48hrs notice. Remember when you surprised me at LPAC, like 3 yrs ago? I will never forget that.

    I have spin right now on Wednesdays at 6am and Sundays at 10am in the West Loop.

    Yah, every workout is more important to me than household chores right now, those I can squeeze in here and there. But trying to be healthy and goal-oriented takes focus!



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