Contingencies and Puppy Apnea

Week three is complete.

I didn’t work out yesterday. In fact, I hardly left the couch. I didn’t go to a doctor but I certainly had some variety of flu-ish virus this past week. To be honest, right now, about 1hr after running, is the best I have felt since getting up on Tuesday morning. I had to stay home from work yesterday because I was sincerely afraid to be more than fifty feet from a bathroom.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t have the strength to make a 12 mile run outside today. Jorge cautioned me against it as well (always the voice of reason). But the thought of falling behind on training and having a schedule that it too busy to fit in “make-up” mileage.

When I headed out I decided that I would just go until I felt tired, and then I would turn around. Of course, to be honest, I knew I wouldn’t not turn around until mile 6 because the schedule said 12 miles. And that’s how I operate. I made a point not to look at my watch other than to get mileage now and then. Normally, I watch my pace so hard you’d think I would go blind. It was a real challenge for me to not calculate splits and to try to speed up. My body felt so heavy that I knew if I put on any pressure I would probably either 1) get sicker 2) get injured or 3) not make it home.

I was pleasantly surprised once I got back home to see that my pace had been 8:45/mi on average. Only 20 to 40 seconds slower than I would have tried to run if I were watching my splits.

So, lesson learned on this run: it would do me good to ease off on my use of monitoring in-session.

I had to set up make a contingency this week in order to facilitate staying on track with my thesis (that is to say, to catch up on my thesis) and also get my training time in. For the foreseeable future, I am only allow to run for the total amount of time I spend working on my thesis. I think this will really work, because for myriad ridiculous reasons I have not been as motivated or focused as I should be with all things regarding school.

In other, unrelated news. Can dogs suffer from sleep apnea? I am rather positive Penelope have been either, waking up because she stops breathing, or is choking in her sleep. She keeps waking up and making the most horrible sounds.






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