Lonely Lakefront Long Run: a photo adventure



The lakefront path, mile 3ish.The Lakefront path (mile 3ish).

Most weeks I look forward to my long run. It’s a time to be outside, to listen audiobooks and podcasts, to watch other people run (I like to observe form, in the most analytic of ways), it gives me lots of time to work on pacing and control.

But this week I felt rushed to get it in and was still feeling a bit overwhelmed and more tired than usual. So my mood was a somber one. Also, I don’t like either of the audiobooks I have right now, and I need to find some new podcasts to follow because the ones I subscribe to, well, I am just a little tired of them, the way you might get tired of brownies if you had then available everyday.

I have been entertaining the idea of running Boston with a camera, so I took my Canon PowerShot SD600 digital camera with me. This way, I could practice using it without having to stop running (although I did a few times), and it would also, hopefully, entertain me and lighten my mood.

So here’s my run (as it turns out I took 68 pictures! No wonder I barely had time to shower and get to work when I got back). Enjoy!

Time was passing SLOW. About 10 miles to go. I love these markers, I can calibrate my Nike+ Sportband (and my basic math skills) as I go.

I was going slow already, this is just annoying.

I don't like this part, "wacker drive" ? I think.

Downtown Chicago - looking forward to turning around.

The Aquarium = turnaround landmark!

Moving self portrait. I must be exhaling.

Hello shadow...I was really bored by this point. Took about a dozen shadow shots.

Lake Michigan

Castaways. Last summer this meant it was time for a potty-stop. Now it means I have to hold it for another 5-6 miles.

Back on city streets. And suddenly am hungry with heavy legs. Cranberry juice!!!


Hey, I know you! Almost home.

Home. Well, almost, walking up the stairs.

15+ miles. Tired? I was. Thanks for coming along 🙂


4 responses to “Lonely Lakefront Long Run: a photo adventure

  1. Thanks for a trip down memory lane…. Good luck as you prepare for Boston

    • Thanks Linda! I will be sure to schedule a run through Andersonville, with my camera for you. I can get some shots of Swedish Covenant so you can see what they’ve done with the place!

  2. Great pictures, where did you come from. Looks really pretty in the snow.
    15 miles, my goodness, I just sit in the recliner exercise my knitting needles and my chewing. Your feet must be doing well or are they froozen.

  3. Yah, my feet, especially the right one, are much better than while training for Portland. And, my mileage is higher! I am not sure what is responsible for the progress, as I have sort of thrown the book at it.

    Here’s a list (of course):
    Foam roller on my IT bands and glutes/hips 2-3x/week
    Stretch after every run even if I only have 5 mins to spare
    Night splint every night even if I am pain free at bed time
    Minimum of 2 mins of moving my feet/ankles before standing in the morning
    Stop and stretch my achilles/calves mid-run if my feet hurt (even if I am doing speed work)



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