Sometimes you think you are insatiably hungry. Then you’re full and you realize. “I was just thirsty!”

Yup. The title says it all. I could have been succinct and said “Mistaking Thirst for Hunger” but that’s not my style. And I am feeling particularly verbose tonight.

I came home really hungry tonight and managed to contain myself and snacked on pickle slices while making dinner. Then I ate dinner. Then more pickles. Then 5 mini tootsie rolls (2 usually give me a stomach ache). Then, as I went for my fourth handful of hazlenut nut-thin crackers (yum!), I realized that I was really ,really, really  thirsty. Furthermore, I was reminded (because I was getting cold in my still sweaty garb, I was so food-focused, I forgot to shower, or even change!) that I had probably lost about 3lbs in sweat today (yah for double workout days!).

So here I sit. With tummy so full of unnecessary food, that I can’t suck down the water and juice ( I like juice that is cut in half with water) that I so very much want.

Has this ever happened to you?

It’s funny because I pretty regularly tell people who say that overeating, or over-snacking, is their downfall when it comes to weight-loss “when you feel hungry, or like you want a snack, have a glass of water, wait 10 minutes, and re-assess.”

And that is why I am posting this. As a reminder to myself: put in practice what I suggest to others. Don’t take for granted that knowledge equals habit. Have a nice glass of water when you get home.



3 responses to “Sometimes you think you are insatiably hungry. Then you’re full and you realize. “I was just thirsty!”

  1. How true how trued. I do it all the time. I love bubbly water with a splash of fruit juice or froozen raspberries dropped in.
    Ahh how there are so many wise moments that we suggest to others but don’t heed to ourselves. It’s nice to have someone else gently remind us.
    Hydrating also helps a headache.

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  3. Yes, I get so many headaches when I forget to drink! I got a case of bubbly water at Trader Joe’s the other day. I should look into one of those soda machines you have. What are they called again?


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