Weekly Mileage: “Care Enough To Chart” or The Training Log Redux.

Many of you reading I heard me talk about how keeping a food journal always backfires on me. I so enjoy seeing the list of things I have eaten, that I eat more! So I don’t keep one.  ( I don’t have one now and I have lost 6lbs in 5 weeks. How? I got rid of the junk and try to stop eating once the hunger is gone. As you can see in my previous post). If my weight loss stops, or I gain weight back, then I will make a more concrete change, but so far so good.

The same goes for training journals. I have several years worth of training journals from high school, college, and after. Some a very detailed, some read like a diary, and some are just sparse notes. The effect was usually the same. The journals end abruptly. Not because I faded off on activity necessarily, but because ultimately I would end up training FOR the journal, and end up overtrained, sick, or injured…and then I would drop off and my consistency would be gone.

Finally, over the last couple of years I have wised up. Simple logs, charts, and short notes for important in-session events seems to be enough to keep me motivated, planned out, and on track. I have a chart printed out right now, with what workout is planned for each day, at the end of the day I draw a check mark if I completed the workout, and if something major happened (like injury, or a completely different routine) I put a 2 or 3 word note.

At the end of the week I plug my total mileage, and a few other things in an excel spreadsheet and out comes a graph!

Mileage comparison chart 🙂


3 responses to “Weekly Mileage: “Care Enough To Chart” or The Training Log Redux.

  1. very organized. I’m impressed.

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