Wings, the Athlete’s Village, and Official Apparel!

Nothing like a blizzard to make you pay your bills! Being stuck inside all day  I finally tackled the pile of mail that had been accumulating for the last 5 weeks.  I was on a money spending roll, when I realized I forgot to book my flights for the marathon. I had planned to do it last week.

So I did, and now, I am really focused on thoughts of marathon morning. Because of the logistical idiosyncracies of the Boston Marathon and the later than is typical start (10am, used to be noon, most marathon start at like 7am). Most runners (I think) line up along Boston Common at 6 am to ride school buses to the athlete’s village at the Hopkinton high school. There, if it’s as I imagine, you sip water, stand in long lines for port-a potties, and generally try to stay warm and relaxed until it’s go-time.

I have reserved a hotel room in Boston for Sunday night, but because everything close the the Common booked so early (I booked my room back in late October!), I will have to take a cab a bout 4 or 5 miles. I worry about all that standing around, sitting around, and, knowing myself, wandering around in the 4 to 5 hours leading up to running the actual marathon.

In Portland (last October), the hotel room I stayed in (with my mom and awesome friend who came to support me!), was only a few blocks from the starting line, I went from sound asleep to starting the race in a span of about 45mins. Perfect!

An alternative is to be dropped of in Hopkinton. I am staying in NH saturday night and then after the race, so going down Sunday to stay in a hotel is a lot of back and forth for everyone involved, and I feel a bit bad about the hassle of it. But, being the Boston Marathon, cars are not allowed in close proximity to the village. So, my understanding is that I would be dropped off, get on a shuttle, then walk about 1/2 mile, then I would have to walk a similar distance to and from the gear drop (buses take your bag of warmups etc. and bring them to the finish).

So, either way, lots of walking, standing, waiting, nail-biting.

I’ve done my best here to abbreviate the way this debate has been going in my mind, but it suffices to say that there isn’t a good alternative and I think I should soak up the whole traditional experience of Boston, and take the big yellow bus.

In other news. I love clothes. It’s hard to tell sometimes because lately I seem to be living is pajama pants and gym clothes. Adidas put up (online) the official gear for the 115th Boston Marathon today. And I want it all. Below are pictures of my favorite items. I realize that at the race expo most of this gear will be there, and likely much more. So I thought I would purchase one or two things now so I can train in them and generally add to my growing-daily excitement.

Let me know which items you like! (yes they are all rather over-priced)

The Offical Jacket, I have seem so many over the years, and I can't wait to have mine. But do I get it now...or wait until marathon weekend?

Fitted crops are my favorite. I spin, run, and lift almost exclusively in them.

This will surely stand out against the repellent!

I think this would be good for race day. But I don't know what size.

These look comfy.

I am taking donations for gear. – Just kidding.

(No I’m not)

Stay warm!


4 responses to “Wings, the Athlete’s Village, and Official Apparel!

  1. You are too funny. I vote for getting it now so it will be all broken in and you will feel at home in them on race day. Now to choose. The jacket and crop pants. You know it won’t be too hot in April.

  2. Yes. That seems reasonable. And they coordinate! (in a good way)

  3. As someone who has been to the Boston Marathon several times. I can tell you if you want the official jacket, get it online before going to the expo. They get scooped up at the expo and sometimes they run out of your size. Plus the lines at the expo are long. I usually pick up shirts and stuff at the expo. See you in Boston!

    • Great! thanks for the advice, I actually was having a really rough time getting some work done the other day so I told myself that if I stayed focused for 3hrs I could get the jacket. So I ordered one! I just hope the size is right, I wasn’t sure so went for the larger.
      I can’t wait!!!


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