Joining the Club: knowing when to reach out for help.

I joined an organized running group for the first time ever this morning. It’s rather expensive but since I haven’t registered for any races other than Boston, I figure I will exchange this for those. I would like to register for at least one before the marathon, probably the Shamrock Shuffle (8K), but I am still on the fence. Typically, by mid-summer I have run 4 or 5 races, I figure that by joining the Fleet Feet Boston Bound program I am sacrificing 4 entry fee’s. I think it will be worth it 🙂

I have always done best training on my own. In college, I actually swam faster at the end of the summer while creating my own training regimes than I did in-season. Although I have a pretty competitive spirit, I think I get distracted by others and don’t focus enough on my workouts when I am on a team. Weird, I know, and I actually don’t think  I can articulate what I mean, even after all these years!

So why did I join Boston Bound?

About once a week I dream about the Boston Marathon. I mean that in a quite literal way. Unfortunately they aren’t very encouraging dreams. Although I am finally feeling fit between workouts, I am still very nervous about the Newton hills, Chicago is just so flat, and right now most of my mileage is on a treadmill.

I practice hill repeats while running on the treadmill, and the belt speed ensures that I will not slow down, whereas when running outside it is my natural inclination to slow down while running uphill. This is a problem.

Another reason I decided to join this training program is because of the support they offer while in Boston on marathon weekend. I won’t have to stand in line at Boston Common to board a school bus, because Fleet Feet has their own bus to take us to the start. YAY! Although, the bus is part of the tradition of the race, it has really been causing me some anxiety. Especially with my sensitive and unpredictable digestion. At least now, if I run into trouble, I will be on a bus with people I know (not yet, but I will).

Workouts are on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Because of school and work commitments I won’t be able to attend all of them, but the ones I do will be such a great help! I really have no idea how I am coming along compared to other Boston Qualifiers. Not a clue. This is another thing that has me all worked up.

The best part though, is that several of the long runs are out in Barrington and another suburb (I forget) and there are hills there! YAAAAAAY!

In other news, it’s snowing again so I am going to walk to work  (teaching water aerobics tonight) in a short while, because people have become absolutely neurotic about parking spots, so I am not moving my car. NO WAY.

This morning I ran 7 miles after a leg workout. I only did 15 sets and really wasn’t feeling satisfied with the effort once I got back home. So I am going to go in early and go to a core class and may get on the step mill for 30mins. Mostly because I miss the step-mill. It’s my favorite machine. Is that weird?


5 responses to “Joining the Club: knowing when to reach out for help.

  1. I’m sure you are a lot more conditioned than you think you are. Joining the group sounds like a great idea, especially the Boston part of it. Always fun to share a common anxiety with others.

  2. Though not specific to this post, I’d just like to comment on how inspiring this blog is. I’m really glad you commented on my blog, otherwise I don’t know if I would have come across it. You’re very motivating, and I’m sure you’ll do awesome.

  3. Thank you! That’s means a whole lot to me!

    M- guess what? Boston Bound comes with a pre-race dinner on Sunday night, and you are going with me 🙂

  4. There are lots of us out here Belle, all struggling with our own forms of Boston fear 🙂 Have fun and enjoy every minute of your training. It will be well worth it come Patriot’s Day.

    Eugene Greenie

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