Unexpected reinforcement

Look what came in the mail yesterday!

The Bucktown 5k. This was the weekend before the Portland Marathon this past fall. My first ever plaque!

When I ran this race I literally ran from the finish line to my truck to get to the gym to lead a Spin class. I had no idea I had placed until about a week later, then figured I wouldn’t get a prize because I had to leave.

What a nice, very conveniently timed, surprise! Thank you RAM Racing!

I have been really, really, discouraged the last few days. I really struggled to get my heart rate up while leading a Spin class this morning, and had to get off the bike twice because my foot was throbbing.  I am borrowing crutches today, hopefully I can speed up the healing process by keeping my weight totally off the foot when possible.

I was going to head back to the gym about an hour ago to do some water jogging and maybe lift for my upper body. But I decided to get some school work done instead. Hopefully I can get in a long, distraction free, quality workout done tomorrow afternoon. I am going to make a special “songs that make me happy no matter what” playlist special for the occasion of needing to pull my head out of my ass.

When I arrived home from the airport Monday night, Jorge had already picked up dinner from a noodle house in LP and gave me a Valentines Day gift:

the Nike Free in pink and purple! 🙂 better than flowers and jewels!

I love these shoes and have designated then “inside” shoes for at home and weight lifting only. They are so comfortable!

It may seem silly but the plaque and the shoes, each time I see them, lift my spirits and I know I will go and enjoy the Boston Marathon, even if I have to walk half of it (something I NEVER thought I would be OK with).


4 responses to “Unexpected reinforcement

  1. Good attitude Bellie. Keep off that foot!!!!!
    Plague and shoes look great.

  2. thanks! crutches are a real annoyance! really give you a perspective check.

  3. I love the caption for your new, super awesome shoes. New spiffy shoes rate much higher than jewelry and flowers, indeed.

    • 🙂 I have been wearing them all the time around the house and at work, I finally ventured outside in them, then cleaned off the soles so I could wear them inside again. I love gear.


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