Refocusing: don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

My intention is not for this blog to become a training log but I had such a great leg session tonight that I want to share for those who might want to try it out! I have several go-to workouts that I use when I am in a rut or want to test my fitness. This actually isn’t one of them.

Since I haven’t been able to run I am really getting an urge to do some strength building. I have been lifting 2 or 3 days a week all along during the marathon training for Boston but my focus really wasn’t on building more muscle, just on maintaining what I already have, and keeping my joints supported.

I set a goal to workout a minimun of 1hr with a goal of 2hrs, 6 days this week to start to simulate what I would be doing if I could run my regular program (and stop being bummed-out), so far so good. Yesterday and today my foot felt improved, but not run-ready.

Spin class at 6am today went smooth, I could stand on the bike without discomfort. YAY!

Before work I spent some time watching video’s of Nicole Wilkins Lee, who always inspires me to work hard!

An Arnold Champ!

The leg workout I did was me smooshing together some of her moves and combinations with some of my favorites.

Without further delay, here’s the workout:

Everything was done in pairs of exercises (sort of like supersets). 3 sets before moving to the next pair. Rest was just long enough for my heart rate to drop to 125bpm, or until I felt my breathing was easy (whichever came first)

  1. 10 min. warmup (stepmill)
  2. Smith Machine Reverse Lunges x12 ea. leg @ +50lbs / :30 Wall Sit
  3. Squat holding 30lbs x 15 / Switch (jump) Lunges x 30
  4. Bench Step Ups x15 each Leg / Stability Ball Laying Hamstring Curls x 10 double leg x 8 Right x 5 double x 8 Left
  5. Leg Extension x 12 @45lbs / Sumo Hops x 15
  6. Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlifts x 12 ea. holding 15lbs / Skater Steps (jumps) x 30

My plan was to do another high intensity 15 mins on the Stepmill to round things out but my foot started to hurt during the second set of skaters…it was great until then. I kept the weights lower than I would if I were a) not injured and b) not hoping to return to endurance running very soon. Also, I did this after work at 7pm. I am not a morning person. I love to workout in the late afternoon or evening, I always seem to be able to work much harder later in the day.


Elapsed time = 39 mins (not including warmup)

Calories burned in session (including warmup) = 428

Average HR = 141  Maximum HR = 168

Session Lesson: Use what you can, just because one body part is injured doesn’t mean you can’t still get an amazing workout and continue to make progress!

Oh, and, my butt is going to be killer sore tomorrow!

Finally it’s time for dinner: pork chops and veggies, hot apple-sauce with cinnamon for dessert. YUM!




2 responses to “Refocusing: don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

  1. Hi Belle, I am Sheri I read your post on Fitblogger. I agree with you 100% I am not a morning person and I do my best workouts in the later afternoon and evening.

    I am a new runner and doing my best not to get injured. I did my longest run Sunday 5.03 miles. I couldn’t believe it!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

    • Nice work Sheri! Five miles is a milestone (haha, excuse the pun). One of many to come I am sure! Build that mileage slowly and keep track of your progress and you’ll do great! Thanks so much for stopping by, I will be sure to check out your blog too, I like the url title 🙂



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