Don’t call it a come back ( I prefer “end of hiatus”).


I am back! I never left, I just didn’t post because I have been generally overwhelmed for the past 6 months. After many failures, and many “incompletes” in my life, I have finally learned that in order to succeed, one MUST prioritize. Actually, I have been using the term “triage” a lot because it’s a lot more accurate. Speaking of more accurate terminology, let’s call my failures and incompletes “not yets”, like we do in ABA.

I have, however, during this blog-intermission, been following blogs and reading books on running, fitness, and nutrition, as well as continuing my own little experiments with my own. Also, many of the goals I have discussed here, remain unchanged: I still want to change the world with ABA, I still want to run, and run well, at the Boston Marathon, I still want to lose 5-10 pounds, I still want to learn to manage my health (read: auto-immune disease be gone!) optimally, and I still want my goal list to grow and grow.

I’ve had  experiences since my last post (in March!) that I really want to share , they will come, one at a time. Right now, my plan is to post approximately once per week. I will supplement those posts with training updates for those of you who are also training for Boston, or for a BQ, or who are just plain interested in following along. Welcome!

Here is a brief run down of the aforementioned “experiences”:

  • Completed my Master’s Degree
  • Finished and defended my Thesis (as a part of above)
  • Got a job as a Behavior Analyst on an amazing grant funded crisis team (I am sure I will post lots about this)
  • Took the BACB exam (behavior analysis certification board), results posted in November (eek).
  • I re-applied, and was accepted to the Boston Marathon 2012!!!
  • My foot has healed nicely, still sleeping with a splint, but I can run-run-run.
Now that I have written that out, it seems like there should be more bullet points! Just trust me, it feels like I haven’t taken a breath since my last post. 

I think I wore the hat wrong.

In running news, I did the Bucktown 5k, here in Chicago, this morning. I felt OK, not great, but right about how I expected. I finished in 21:06, about 30 seconds behind my performance last year. I am starting my Boston training NOW. I want a solid base before it’s time for a steep build in mileage. I am taking as few risks as possible this time around. I realized this week that I have started training, or trained for, 5 marathons! I have only completed 1. I am done messing around, I want follow-through!  (ok, I will back off the exclamation points)
I cannot post a full training schedule here yet, as i am still working on it. I can’t decided when to switch from base training to building; 30 weeks, 24 weeks, 16 weeks? Argh. In the mean time, enjoy the cutest runner ever (I am referring to the one on the left):
July 4th 10k finish
Until my next post:
Tell me about how you triage your goals, responsibilities, and commitments.
Are you running Boston?
How many weeks long do you think a marathon training plan should be?
It feels good to be cyber-present again!

3 responses to “Don’t call it a come back ( I prefer “end of hiatus”).

  1. Well, hello! So glad you got into Boston for 2012! And congratulations on completing all those milestones in the last 6 months! that is fantastic! (there, lots of exclamation points for you 🙂 ).

    I would recommend that you do as much base building as possible. The differences to me between base building and the marathon training cycle are a) attitude and b) speed.
    a) attitude. Give yourself the opportunity to ease into the base building. Don’t sweat the small stuff…be serious, but don’t be so serious that you burn out before you even started. And take those miles slow: choose distance over speed. You should be able to run 35 mile weeks consistently before you start your marathon training with one of those runs being a 12-15 miler.
    b) speed. The time to add speed is after your base building, in the final 8 weeks of your marathon training but before taper. It is a time to sharpen and test your legs.

    Good on you for taking the long-term goal approach. I look forward to reading your blog as you train up for Boston 2012. Boston 2011 was an experience of a lifetime for me, and I will be rooting for you every step of the way.


  2. Eliza, I really can’t wait until April! Thanks for the advice, I think I agree with you on all points, my goal for the next month will be to get between 20 and 30 miles in each week.

    Thanks for sticking around, I enjoy reading your posts too!


  3. I’m not running Boston this year but definitely understand the challenges of balancing fitness goals with life responsibilities. I’ve made my plans for the next 4-6 months to focus more on yoga (and de-stressing) and less on the long distance running. I’ll also be taking this time to get a bit more into speedwork potentially. But really running, while I love it, will be taking a back seat in my priorities as I’ve got a ton of other things on my plate currently


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