There is always something that gets in the way…

…so focus what you get done in spite of that.

A while ago, mid hiatus, I attempted to do a raw food cleanse along with my sister-in-law (yes, “cleanse” is a myth, however, eating clean is great for you regardless of the label you give it) . I was surprised at how much I learned from the experience . One such kernel, which echoes in my mind everyday now, is this: even if you did things wrong today, or slacked off, or misunderstood; focus on what you did right, what you learned, and what you accomplished, then move on (that last bit I added myself, ain’t I clever?)

I think the example used in the cleanse program was something like, even if you skipped todays workout and ate cookies, give yourself credit for taking the stairs and eating an apple, or some such thing.

One of the reasons this sentiment really resonates with me is that it perfectly aligns with some of the principles of ABA (applied behavior analysis, for those of you new to this blog). Nearly everyday at my job I teach people how to notice and praise the things they see others doing RIGHT, whilst offering support and forgiveness for the things that they do wrong. It can change the world, it really can. It can also make you happier, more productive, and yes, fitter.

With that introduction, I went into this week extremely excited to get a baseline measure of my mileage, my body composition, and my overall routine before finishing writing my training plan for Boston. In the end I only ran 3 times this week for a total of approximately (my Nike+ broke) 13 miles. I only lifted weights twice.

Why? I have a cold, the kind that builds and builds and you anticipate every additional symptom because we’ve all been here before. The common cold, is commonly annoying.

I felt not-sick-at-all on Tuesday, then, as I was driving back to my office from visiting a client, at about 12:15pm, I was, very suddenly, sick. It was that raw, almost tickling, sensation you get in your throat a day or two before the common cold renders you a common snot-sack.

Yah, so that was Tuesday, Wednesday  had a very sore, post-nasaly throat and no less than 4 bouts of dry-heaves whilst teaching a spin class (I don’t think anyone noticed). Thursday, I went home at about 1pm from work, feeling pretty sorry for myself, I slept a lot. Friday was meh, I was congested but busy enough that the day flew by. Saturday, oh Saturday, brought more congestion, lots of snot, and a fever. Before the fever came on, I went for a very common run, I ran for exactly an hour and listened to an audiobook, I was slow, but it was a great escape because the common cold is even slower.

I slept  11 hours, and used nearly an entire roll of toilet paper for my nose. yum. I got up and taught my usual group exercise classes today, then came home, took a 3 hour nap, and returned to the gym to teach another 30 minutes.

I made rice (sticky white: a common comfort), chicken breast, and baked beans for dinner. No flair, very common. I am uncommonly excited to eat it (and watch IRT Deadliest Roads).

So, in the end, this week was not as I hoped, or planned, but I still did enough to feel that I am on track 🙂


P.S. I want to shout out to my friend Shelly (who has an inspired, and inspiring blog). She has absolutely transformed her lifestyle and I am so proud! Also, she ran the Chicago Marathon today and took 30 (ahem’ 36) minutes off her previous time!

2 responses to “There is always something that gets in the way…

  1. Feel better Annabelle, Enjoyed the read.
    Wow Shelly. I am so impressed with your new lifestyle.

  2. Annabelle, truly and honestly one of the biggest inspirations and role models to me along this entire journey has been you. You are amazing in your own right and a fabulous friend. I heart you!


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