27 weeks out training recap plus cravings and colitis.

It seems like a load of horseshit to me when people say, “If you’re craving something, it must mean your body needs it.” Because if that is the case, my body was designed to operate off  birthday cake, apple pie, lasagna, and coke-cola.

Strangely, my cravings for junk food increase greatly whenever my digestive system is acting up.  I have tried for the last couple of years to suss out whether these cravings are caused by emotions or biology. I think both. Naturally, if you are in the bathroom a dozen times a day, you’ll have a natural drive to replace all those unused and lost calories, but also, it’s exhausting, and sometimes it’s hard not to feel like a victim. What better for a spell of the boo-hoo-buckets than cake, pie, and pop!? I also get stricken each bout with the attitude of “no matter what I eat it makes my stomach hurt anyway, so who cares”, I am working on that, and making progress. I promise.

I have been craving 2 things for the last two weeks, and my stomach has been crappy (it’s impossible to avoid puns with this disease so just accept it now) for about half of that time.

Apple pie and Fudgsicles. That’s what I’ve been pull-your-hair-out craving. Which is weird because I don’t think I’d had a fudgesicle in about 15yrs (until yesterday!)

yum...40 calories each (which only matters if you DO NOT eat the whole box at once)

There, craving number one under control. I find if keep ignoring a junky craving, I eventually cave into a shopping trip of confectionary delights the size of which could rival my body weight.

I have been devouring Macintosh apples this week. They remind me of home (New England), and good Mac apples have been hard to find in Chicago. Mac apples make the best pie…so craving number two actually does follow some logic. My birthday is in three weeks, my mother will be visiting then and I have already placed an order for her made-from-scratch apple pie when I hit the big 3-oh. But the craving persisted.

Then, this morning, at my spin class, one of my dear, sweet, super-fit, regular class participants brought me, wait for it….

a slice of homemade apple pie! ( I ate it in the car (with my fingers), it was mouth watering delicious).

And now I am craving free and back to being happy with some fruits and other whole foods 🙂 Amazing thing.

On to the business of training: 27 weeks out re-cap

Monday: 6 mi. (am), 9hrs sleep, still feeling pretty sluggish and phlegmy.

Tuesday: 3 mi. (am) 7hr sleep, chest/back/core strength session (pm)

Wednesday: 3mi (pm)-treadmill, arms/legs strength session(pm), 6hrs sleep

Thursday: 6mi (pm)-treadmill, 8hrs sleep, still coughing, run was a little tough 9mostly boredom)

Friday: Rest day! good timing too, I was very sleepy at work and feeling really anxious as a side effect (not so good when you work on a crisis team).

Saturday: Trinity-Triumph 5k! I had fun running: 21:35 (?), I wanted to enjoy myself so I didn’t push real hard. My dogs got tons of attention! 6.5hrs sleep.

Sunday: Waaay slept in, 9hrs. Taugh my usual Spin and Body Blast classes, then I did a abdominal circuit.

Total mileage: 21

I am really happy with this week and looking forward to the next!

Total Momma's girls. Post race, watching everyone finish. There were even two shih-tzu's who walked the entire course!

How was your week?

Where do you stand on the theory of cravings?



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