This has been a strange week. I am really glad that tomorrow is Friday! I am going to sleep in on Saturday, and then very much enjoy a long slow run, whilst listening to “The Magicians” audiobook , then, I am going to eat lots of fruit and snuggle with my dogs. There, it’s on the internet, so it has to happen.

I say the week is strange because it has gone by shockingly fast, but mostly in a fog. I am so tired! There really isn’t a stand out reason I should be so tired, but it’s probably that I am not fueling properly. I mentioned cravings in my last post. Those are gone, but I haven’t been eating very balanced and it’s so easy to take for granted how important good nutrition is when you are both increasing training volume and are away from home for very long days.

One of my friends and co-workers made a comment today while we were on a very, very, very long car ride and listening to lots, and lots, and lots of NPR. She said “the more I learn about the world, the more I hate it.” She and I talk a lot about how the population we work with are stripped of many of their human rights by virtue of having disabilities, and how the system largely works against them.  This week, I have had a really hard time not hating the world for all of the injustice and pain people cause one another, often by simply not listening. I have been frustrated that for all of the listening I try to do, I have very few solutions. I absolutely love my job, and I feel like at several levels, we are making a difference. That said, sometimes I feel like I spend the majority of my time these days arguing for things that should be a given.

But I digress.

I have hit all of my training goals so far this week, and that feels good! Almost no matter how tired or frustrated I am, a work (even a less than par one) leaves me refreshed enough to be glad I did it. It occurred to me during my run on Tuesday morning that running really doesn’t relieve stress for me. Mostly because while I run I am usually thinking about whatever is bothering me most, or a problem that needs solving. I don’t use a ipod or anything on a.m. run (safety first!), so there is lots of space (er, brain cells) for reflection.

I don’t very often come to conclusions during these times, but do get a sense of having accomplished something other than the run, even if that something is a snarky on-liner to deliver later in the day.

Well, this post has really devolved from it’s original intent, which was to share with you all the following, which my sister-in-law shared with me last week”

Pinned Image

Here’s to finishing the week strong!



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