“26 weeks to go” training re-cap

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been feeling tempted to add mileage to my plan. Boston is still 25 weeks away, so I won’t. I am going to stand by my plan of periodization training with a slow and steady progressive mileage increase.

On my last run (this morning: 5 miles) my right foot (heel) felt pretty tender, which is a very early warning sign from my old, very persistent (as in, years) planters fasciitis. I have a night splint which I wear before and after long runs and races. I am going to wear it all week and get in some extra stretching/rolling, which will hopefully stop the injury from really re-surfacing. It’s quite frustrating really, that I have been working on my running form for almost two years now, and still this issue has not resolved.

As I have also mentioned recently, I am still crotchety as hell, I really don’t know what my problem is, I realize that aches and pain and irritability are signs of overtraining, but I really don’t think that is the case here. They are also signs of not enough sleep, being overwhelmed by a few of life’s necessities, an colitis. So, it is what it is and hopefully I will pull my head out of my ass soon.

For the first time since starting this training cycle I skipped a training session today. I ran this morning, but after work I came home straight from my last on-site visit (which got me home at around 5:30- very early for me), instead of heading to the gym to lift, I took a 2 hour nap. I don’t feel refreshed, but it couldn’t have hurt!

I also ate Twizzlers, just before that nap. Just felt like confessing that.

Last week’s log:

5 runs, 25 miles, 3 weight training sessions

Monday: 8hrs sleep, 6mi.

Tuesday: 6.5hrs sleep, 3mi., shoulders/bicep/tricep

Wednesday: 7hrs sleep, 3mi. Spin class

Thursday: 8hrs sleep, 30mins elliptical, legs

Friday: 7hrs sleep, 5mi., back/chest/core

Saturday: 7hrs sleep, 8mi.

Sunday: 7hrs sleep, Spin class, Body Blast class

25 weeks to go until the Boston Marathon!


5 responses to ““26 weeks to go” training re-cap

  1. It’s a great idea to track your sleep with your mileage. Most people who are training (at least in blog land) just seem to track their mileage, but the will post later about their bad sleeping habits and it seems the 2 would be connected.

    • It’s bizarre that runners keep diligent records down to the last calorie and 10th of a mile, but not many track sleep. I think sleep affects everything: mood, decision making, performance, weight, motivation, everything. And so I am trying to figure out how to get consistent and consistently more, sleep.
      p.s. your blog rocks!

  2. Great blog! I am also training for the Boston and am in need of some motivation. I commend you for getting the right amount of sleep… something I need to work on. Good luck with your training!

  3. Hi! Thanks for reading, I will absolutely be following your journey as well, I am finding the more I read about other people training the more excited I am about my own plan. The sleep issue is a work in progress, which is why I am tracking it. I feel tired almost all the time, and that just can’t be right.

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