Carrera De Los Muertos! (also, a rookie and a PR)

This morning I ran “UNO 5k, Carrera De Los Muertos”. My friends/colleagues Jessie and Ken ran as well. Ken is a seasoned runner, and this was Jessie’s first race! She did fantastic! She’s been running for less than 3 months and she finished in 34 minutes! Not only that, but she finished with a smile.

Ken, Jessie, Annabelle (it's ok, I am used to looking a little ridiculous). Pre-race.

I had a good run as well. I finished with a new personal record of 20:31, which is an improvement of only one single second. But a second counts and I will take it. I finished first in my age division, 6th female, and 60th overall. I haven’t won a lot of medals (finishers medal’s not withstanding), so I get really excited when I place. Today’s awards were better than medals, they were skulls painted by students in the UNO charter school network!

A skull to commemorate the joy of running, and the importance of athletic and academic after school programs for the kiddos!

There were pretty amazing kids all over the place; dancing, running, working support for race operations, singing and performing on the course, it was absolutely inspiring!

The race today was a fundraiser for after school programming. UNO Charter School Network operates 11 charter schools in Chicago that serve mostly Hispanic youth.  And I have to say, I got the impression today that they are doing a pretty good job.

I had an 8-miler scheduled for training today and had planned to do 5 mile run this after noon to hit my mileage for the week. However, after I got home from the 5k I was really tired, I took and nap and it was clear when I woke up that I needed to rest. So, I didn’t run more. Perhaps I will run tomorrow, but maybe not. We’ll see. Right now, I am going to snuggle with my fluffy pups and watch a scary movie.

I hope you have a great Saturday!


Did someone say snuggle?

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