25 weeks out: training recap.

As you may recall I was experiencing some auto-immune digestive problems, and rock-bottom moments when it came to my mood and energy this past week. As such, I make the executive decision to try to hit my mileage for the week, but scrapped my weight training sessions. This plan seems to have worked out. By Friday my mood had certainly stabilized and I had a pretty great (except for the last mile, which can suck-it) 5k run on Saturday.

You’ll notice in this weeks training list, I took a couple naps. I really like naps, and still feel resentful that my folks made me give them up in the second grade (I know, late, I do most things at my own pace). I took naps a lot in college. I might to try to get more of them in…of course, that will mean that I stop doing the dishes and other housework completely, but I am nearly there anyway, and I guess I am sort of ok with being a slob, especially if it means I won’t be so TIRED.

Monday: 7hrs sleep, 5 mi. run, 2hr nap

Tuesday: 5hrs sleep, 6 mi. run

Wednesday: 8hrs sleep, Spin class, 3 mi. run

Thursday: 8hrs sleep, 3 mi. run, core circuit

Friday: 7hrs sleep, no workouts

Saturday: 8hrs sleep, 3.1 mi. run (UNO 5k!)-linked to blog post, 2hr nap

Sunday: 8hrs sleep, Spin class, body blast class, 8 mi. run

Total mileage: 28

I feel pretty good, my feet have been off and on in terms of some tenderness, seems to be totally manageable with stretching and wearing my night splint. It’s likely an effect of adjusting to the consistent frequency of my runs, which had been far more sporadic up until a month ago.

I am doing some research (which amounts to going back to books on my shelf, reading blogs, and scouring abstracts posted online from studies) on how effective weight lifting during marathon training is. So far the data suggests 40/40/20…many of the studies and runners out there say it’s absolutely crucial, many say that it may or may not be, and some say that it’s actually harmful.


So, I will do what I do best, continue to experiment on myself. This week I will play around with my strength sessions. I am not going to nix them like I did last week, but I am going to vary from the traditional route.

All in all, I am trying to avoid the trap of discouragement and uncomfortable recoveries I experienced early on in my (failed) Boston attempt last year. I am referring to the photo at the end of that post. Ugh.

I can’t believe the weekend is over! I feel like I don’t get anything done on the weekends (I barely even finished the laundry), so how do they fly by?

My daily mileage chart. I don't know why the axis labels and scales are unreadable. Help?

I am looking forward to a good week. My mother is coming to visit next Saturday and she’ll be here all that week!


2 responses to “25 weeks out: training recap.

  1. Hi Annabelle,
    Just one bit of advice: Try to get 8 hours sleep as often as possible. The more you train, the more you will need it.

  2. Thanks Coach Tom! I know this excuse is really common and doesn’t hold up, buuuuuut, I really struggle with getting sleep hours in. I get up between 5 and 6am everyday and get home from work (typically this includes stopping at the gym) at around 8pm. If I skip the gym after work, I inevitably just end up working later and thus still get home late.

    In the end, I am tracking my sleep as an attempt to get more of it, consistently. Even this past week of only missing the mark on 3 days, ZERO chores at home got done, also ZERO leisure time.

    Work in progress.


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