The untold benefits of Candy Corn? (probably not)

It turns out that I am no match for the gravitational pull of marked-down-post-Halloween-candy….drool. Wasn’t it just last week that I ate a bunch of Twizzlers and then was in agony for 4 days? Aye-yuh. I swung in and out of Target like a soccer mom with a tantruming kid in the car who would only shut up if presented with a sacrificial bag of candy. Ok, maybe I was more like the tantruming kid. I bet I was drooling walking down the discounted candy aisle.

I feel really accomplished that I didn’t buy like 6 bags, which is what I would have liked to do. There was SO MUCH CANDY! But, I have set some financial goals and I am determined to meet my budgets! I got some candy corn and some lollipops. $3.50. They now reside in the Rooster.

Meet the Rooster. If you ever come over, this is where the goodies are.

Today I was working on-site all day with a co-worker (functional analysis days are the best days!), we went directly there from the city, which meant starting work early and thus ending earlier than usual. This is great because I truly prefer to workout in the afternoon or evening. I always have performed better, and really enjoyed it more than morning workouts. I have never been a morning person, ask my poor dear family. I do remember reading somewhere once that due to the typical (human) circadian rhythm athletic performance is suppressed between the hours of like 10pm and 7am. That might be hogwash, might be true, I tried to find an article to share right here: ____. Notice that it is blank? Yah, no dice, but there are tons of studies on lack of sleep and performance. But you already know that.

I had a great 6 mile run at about 5pm. I got to listen to 48 minutes worth of my current audiobook, and I ranted and raved in my head about the 2 dozen (Seriously! More, actually, I stopped counting at 25) people I saw biking or rollerblading without helmets on. I even thought up a whole blog post about it, but then I realized that I had too much of a hateful undertone to my diatribe, and scrapped it. Also, whilst occupied with that, I missed like 6 minutes of the audiobook, and rewinding on my iPod is a real sonofabitch.

Normally, I run before work and go to the gym after. It was really nice today to get home, run, play with the pups, do a core circuit, and call it a day. It felt so natural, and simple. Not easy, just simple. Peaceful even.

Back to candy corn:

Pre-selected allotment of candy corn. (yes, I got seconds)

I have two possibly pathelogical problems.

1) I cannot walk past my computer without stopping and reading blogs, article summaries, and news headlines; a compulsion which probably costs me enough time per day that I really have no excuse for my apartment to be such a mess and to have about 47 (I totally just made up that figure), projects in various stages of completeness.

2) The capacity and feverish drive to eat entire bags of candy/boxes of cookies/cartons of ice-cream/boxes of cereal. I am not exaggerating, I do not have an eating disorder, and it is not necessarily an emotional thing/coping mechanism (sure, sometimes. not typically). It’s just a thing, likely learned (Hi Mom! LYWB!). It’s a thing where, when my boyfriend is around, he feels absolutely at ease taking junky food away from me and either a)hiding it, or, b) throwing it away. So, though I don’t think it’s a Problem (with a capital “P”) it is a problem. I have gotten better over the last 2 years, with effort, but still, it’s a lowercase “p” problem.

Um. Yes, I DO realize that there are easy environmental manipulations that would problem solve both of these problems. Sometimes a girl just needs to be self-deprecating…you know? (maybe I should be honest and say I needed the catharsis, but someone told me self-deprecating humor was charming, no?)

Back to candy corn:

There was a piece in a magazine (not sure if it was Runners’ Word, possibly), last year (yes, I am too lazy to look this up) that stated that sugary foods/drinks were a good recovery choice after a hard workout.

So I think my candy corn was a smart, rather than impulsive, choice. Sure, sure, sure, they probably mean, like, an apple, or juice, and not “sugar, corn syrup, confectioner’s glaze, honey, dextrose…” plus a dose of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (read: TRANS-fat. Why is that not illegal yet!!!). Either way, I am quite certain that my blood glucose level is no where near depleted at the moment.

While I was in Target, I finally got a shadow box so that I can add a 48th (again, totally made up number) partially completed project to my list:

Only a year and three weeks late! I need to get some velcro to actually assemble this. (hey look! my training binder is there too)

Tomorrow morning I teach spin, so I am planning to go for a run on the trails down near work tomorrow evening. I love running where you can smell dirt not exhaust!

If you’ve read this far, I thank you for supporting my self-indulgence, and I hope you had a great day!

Back to candy corn:

Sugar and Sweat


3 responses to “The untold benefits of Candy Corn? (probably not)

  1. no restraints on candy and computers! i think we are long-lost twins

  2. Your post was highly entertaining. I love that you digress every now and then. There’s a bowl of candy corn literally 10 feet away but I know the second I have one, I’ll keep stopping by that table for more. I think you deserve some candy corn after a run anyway!


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