Weekly re-cap. 1:08.36

I finally ran a 15k under 1:10. I have come to the conclusion that 15k is a distance I cannot (maybe don’t want to) master. I do not understand the distance the way I never understood 200 events in swimming. The 1,000? No problem. 50 or 100 yards?  No problem.  The 200 and a 15k are just plain bizarre. You can’t go fast the whole time, but it’s not so long you have to really focus on conservation.


It we could analyse all my mile splits (sorry, I am not that high tech, I am poor), we would see something like this (a probably pretty close approximation) 7:00, 7:20, 7:15, 7:45, 7:20, 7:30, 8:00, 7:25 … you get the idea. Actually my pace was fluctuating every few 10th’s of a mile. Every time I broke 7:20 I got a sharp pain in my side (not a side stitch, higher and right on top of my right ribs). I would ease up, it would ease up, I would try again, it would try again, the ENTIRE 15k. So frustrating. The rest of my body was on board to pick it up. But alas. Sabotage.

This is a problem I have been having for YEARS. It first happened on a training bike ride in 2004, and pops up randomly now. I am pretty sure its cause is some structural anomaly, and if I were more systematic with my stretching and strength training I could probably fix it. Meh, in time.

An hour from now I am going to a 90 minute yoga class at a studio in the West Loop. I definitely need something that is not hard cross-training (as in a cardio form), is not my lame sessions of stretching and foam rolling which only last about 4 minutes at best, and is not a challenging weight lifting session. I need something that satisfies all three, and that will help me to not feel bad if I don’t lift 4 times a week.

(I was going to insert a picture from the internet of someone doing a really neato yoga pose, but when I did an image search, all the pictures were of white, 20 and 30-something women. Now, being a member of this category, no problem with them…but,um, you all realize that Yoga is not an American invention, right?)

Speaking of this, is yoga cross-training or strength training in terms of adding it to a marathon training plan?

I think I am siding with cross-training. I will let you know once I survive this class.

I guess I don’t have much to discuss so here is my training recap:

Monday: 7hrs sleep, 3mi run, back/chest lift, Spin class

Tuesday: 8hrs sleep, 6mi run, core session

Wednesday: 6hrs sleep, Spin class, 5mi run

Thursday: 6hrs sleep, 5mi run

Friday: 8hrs sleep,  rest day

Saturday: 6.5hrs sleep, 9.3mi (Hot chocolate 15k) 1:08.36

Sunday: 8hrs sleep, Spin class, Body blast class, 90min Yoga class

Total mileage: 28

I am satisfied with my running this week, side pain not withstanding. I didn’t get enough strength work in, and I didn’t get enough sleep.

Un, gotta go, gonna be late.



5 responses to “Weekly re-cap. 1:08.36

  1. Thanks! Enjoy your marathon recovery!

  2. Wow you are a pretty fast runner for long distances! How long have you been a runner? I am impressed!!

  3. I started running in high school. But only recently began to pick up any sort of speed. I don’t think I broke a 9 minute mile until 2006. It’s been a rollercoaster in terms of consistency. Only in the last 3 years did I get serious about training right. Running Boston has been a dream since I was about 12 years old, though.

  4. Congrats on accomplishing your dream this year!! It will be an amazing experience. I am so excited!


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