10 years to entropy. (it’s my birthday)

Today I am 30 years old. According to many professionals, and some sciencey stuff, I have approximately 1o years left to peak in my athletic performance. Or, for the less optimistic I have ten years, give or take, until it is literally “all down hill from here”. CRAP. I have been really enjoying Peter Sagals pieces in Runner’s World magazine, in the October issue he talks about this very subject. Read it. Go on, I will be here when you finish…

Yup, the same HILARIOUS Peter Sagal as the one from "Wait, wait, don't tell me!" on NPR.

The last 36 hours were goooooood. There were some bumps, some flares of temper (advocacy related), but there were also the following:

1. Last night, the awesome salesgirl at Running Away Multisport called me a neutral runner! Her name is Katie, and she is my new best friend. She gave me a free mug, and my momma purchased me a pair of birthday Mizuno’s AND a pair of birthday Saucony’s. Now, I don’t support conspicuous name dropping…but….yay!

I would supply photos, but I have had 2 glasses of wine, so they’d be blurry.

2. I saw evidence from Saturday’s Hot Chocolate 15k to back up that assessment:

2 years of hardwork! A midfoot strike, and shorter stride, in spite of weirdo scoliatic (probably not a real word) pains!

10k mark, looking pensive, channeling Ryan Hall.

3. This morning, as usual, I got up to go for a run. My man:

auw. a close-up. (yes, this photo of Jorge is totally being posted without permission, it's my birthday, I can do that kind of thing. Right?)

…got up and made me go on a pseudo scavenger hunt for birthday gifts. There was a supremely cozy North Face, long-sleeved, hooded, running shirt (from his momma who is AMAZING and just had a bday last week):

Feliz cumpleanos! (yes, you may ask me for fashion advice anytime)

…and one of these:

Garmin Forerunner 305! Yes, it's an old model. It's also the BEST model.

I wanted to run with all my new toys this morning, but I only got to use the shirt (which was the MOST cozy thing EVER). Because it was pouring out (I didn’t want to muddy up the shoes YET), and the Garmin needed to charge up.

4. Today was an on-the-road work day with one of my grad. school mates/friend/co-workers. Which is always nice because we get 6 hours in the car to catch up on personal AND work schtuff. Also, she made me brownies, and they were honestly….devoured!

5. More initials were added to my name today. I found out at around 11am today that I passed my board exam. So now, when I am feeling pretentious I can sign documents like this:

Annabelle Winters, MA, BCBA

Also, rumor has it that my earning potential just increased, which is pretty neat.

6. My mom made my favorite dinner. Which I have alluded to before:

Lasagna and Apple Pie! (also, Gewurz. wine and ice-cream)

I was dreading today, because for the last several (or eight) birthdays I have felt a lack of accomplishment. I still feel like I am on a treadmill (pun not intentional…ok, maybe moderately) that is going slightly too fast, but I am really looking forward to the next year. I have completed some big challenges, met some long-term goals, and set into motion the steps to accomplishing more.

For Jamie, (I cuffed this from facebook)


8 responses to “10 years to entropy. (it’s my birthday)

  1. Wowweee, what a haul!!!! Dontcha love it when they finally figure out that yes, you really do want running related gifts!!!!?

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks guys! Yes, Eliza, I think this is the first time I got running gear. I forgot to mention my father sent an ID bracelet.

    I am very pleased! now to test out that Garmin!

  3. Happy Birthday! Have fun with all your new toys! I want to hear how well that garmin works, so I can convince my hubby to get me one for christmas!

    Also congrats on boards! And I’m totally with you on lasagna- Best. Ever.

    • I am already looking forward to the leftovers for dinner tonight. And it’s not even lunch time! I did a 3 mile run with the Garmin this morning. It was great! The only problem is that I kept looking at it so much I had a few close calls with immovable objects. I also can’t figure out how people copy their run data and paste it into blog posts. I so badly wanted to make myself look all cool and technological this morning, but gave up.

  4. Happy Birthday. as long as your body is fit and you take care of it, you can do anything for a long time.

  5. I LOVE this post!!!! 🙂 sounds like you had an amazing birthday!!! The pictures of you and your mom and you and your boy are cute! You are such an inspiration. Let me know how you like that Garmin Watch…I reallly reallly want one, but feel a bit selfish buying one for myself for no reason. PS love the pictures and the one that says “Someone busier than you is running right now”

  6. That picture was totally for you! I found it right after reading your post about being jealous when you saw people out running. It was meant to link to your blog, but it failed 😦

    I had said in 2010 that if I qualified for Boston I would buy a Garmin, but then I bought all sorts of little “I rock” items, and felt guilty and didn’t want to buy a big ticket item.

    I used a Nike+ Sportband ($50 or $60) for the past 3 years, and it was just fine.


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