My coolness factor just went up!

Yesterday morning was a great run, a side-effect of a windy and cool fall morning is that the lake-front path is taken over almost exclusively by runners. Which means I can stare at my Garmin more without fear of a trampling. My new Sacouny’s may need to be exchanged because I think the toe-box is too narrow, but otherwise my body felt great.  (apologies for the deluge “first world” complaints this week, but man, I got spoiled!)

Look what I figured out how to do! Finally, after many hours of frustration, and yes, I DO realize I could have just emailed one of the dozens of bloggers who post these snapshots daily. But alas: success! (it was actually shamefully easy)

Now, if only I could figure out why the date is wrong…it keeps telling me every run is on 11/11/11, weird.

Avg Pace
Summary 1:22:23.0 10.03 8:12.6
1 :1.5 0.00 0
2 8:12.6 1.00 8:12.7
3 8:11.7 1.00 8:11.8
4 8:23.0 1.00 8:23.1
5 8:12.0 1.00 8:12.1
6 8:21.0 1.00 8:21.1
7 8:18.5 1.00 8:18.6
8 8:00.7 1.00 8:00.8
9 8:13.1 1.00 8:13.2
10 8:17.6 1.00 8:17.7
11 7:55.2 1.00 7:55.3
12 :15.5 0.04 7:23.9

Yay! Garmin + long run + didn’t almost run into anything this time because I was staring at the data fields too much = happy me.

Also, I did yoga, twice. It’s sort of cheating because I am doing Yin yoga. Which doesn’t take nearly as much skill. I surely will write about it this week, going to another class this afternoon.



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