Week 5 training recap: 22 weeks left =155 days until the Boston Marathon

In terms of running I think I am right on track. I did, however, drop the ball on several other aspects of training.

1) I did not get adequate sleep

2) I did not do a single weight training session

3) I only did “physical therapy” once for my foot. (the quotes are because it’s my own preventative/restorative routine, but it seems to work. When I do it.)

4) I have awakened my ravenous love of “hint of lime” tortilla chips.

5) I still have not written/planned out the next section of my training plan. I have penciled in most of the runs, but nothing else.

I am totally fine with these misses, however, because my mother was visiting.

Who needs the weight room when there is eating and shopping to do. (juuust kidding)

23 weeks out recap:

Monday: 6.5hrs sleep, 4mi Run

Tuesday: 6hrs sleep, 6mi Run

Wednesday: 6hrs sleep, 3mi Run

Thursday: 6hrs sleep  – shopping day with momma

Friday: 7hrs sleep, 5mi Run, 75mins Yin Yoga

Saturday: 9.5hrs sleep, 10mi Run

Sunday: 7.5hrs sleep, Spin class, Body Blast class, 90min Vinyasa/Yin Yoga

Total Mileage: 28

Enjoy some graphs:

This is my favorite graph 🙂

I love this last  graph. It is very reinforcing to see that I seem to be finding my way to a happy medium. That is for Portland I was all over the place, and for Boston attempt #1 I was overtraining/increasing mileage too fast.

It doesn’t take a trained eye to get lots of information from this graph. yay.

Things in my home are a little chaotic at the moment as we have a FOUR dogs for the week! But, they are all really sweet and there are countless cute moments.

Meet the pack (who are all so very sleepy today):

Lexi. She heard me coming, sat up and was quickly asleep again: sitting up.

Lilly, "the godmother". She is the reason I wanted Shi Tzu's. She also insists on hanging out on the coffee table. As you can see here she is slowly clearing it of all items.

Penelope and Lucinda. My girls have claimed Lexi's crate and bed as their own. Penny won't come out of there!

Hope you had a great week!


4 responses to “Week 5 training recap: 22 weeks left =155 days until the Boston Marathon

  1. Love your post. Great picture of you and mom. Xoxo

  2. Thanks, I tried to get her to stay another week, but supposedly she has a job, or something, to get back to.

  3. I love your graphs – you must be in a job that is technical/math related?

  4. HAH! I actually have pretty terrible math skills! I often joke that being bad at math is the reason I went into the field of psychology. A large part of my job (behavior analyst) is to figure out how to measure and count things that often seem un-countable, so I guess that’s pretty close. 🙂


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