6 weeks down, 21 to go.

Some heros/experts on learning. (because this week I got schooled) Also, FYI, Ogden Lindsley is my "chart great-grandparent"

Everything seemed unpredictable this week, my workouts, my performance, my energy level, my mood, my food choices (booo!)), my tummy, everything. I am really looking forward to doing better next week.

It’s a good time for it too. This marks the end of my “base building” period of training for Boston, and tomorrow will begin the “strength building” period for the next 6 weeks. The goal during this time is 4 strength sessions a week. I will consider the following as strength work: cross training on the stepmill, plyometrics or kettlebell sessions, interval workouts on the bike, traditional weight lifting and calistenics sessions lasting more than 15 minutes.

The long list is an effort to set myself up for success, I am really struggling to fit in workouts beyond early morning runs right now. This first week should be easier to manage since there are only 3 workdays because of Thanksgiving.

My long run this week (yesterday morning) felt really good, and I did a great job being mindful and staying focused during the run. Which is probably why I was able to keep my splits just about on track:

Avg Pace
Summary 1:33:48.9 12.01 7:48.5
1 7:59.9 1.00 8:00.0
2 7:47.3 1.00 7:47.4
3 8:01.4 1.00 8:01.5
4 7:50.6 1.00 7:50.7
5 8:18.5 1.00 8:18.6
6 7:38.6 1.00 7:38.7
7 7:50.5 1.00 7:50.6
8 7:52.7 1.00 7:52.8
9 7:36.9 1.00 7:37.0
10 7:35.3 1.00 7:35.3
11 7:27.8 1.00 7:27.8
12 7:42.5 1.00 7:42.6
13 :6.5 0.02 6:30.2

…except for mile 5, which was where I took a wrong turn, got stuck in a marina enclave thingy, and could not for the frustrated life of me, figure out how to get back onto the bike path.

Week 7 of marathon training is where I seriously injured my foot last year in my Boston Marathon attempt. Lots of things are different this time around. I vow to never again copy training plans from books or magazines (get idea’s, but of course!), but rather,  to make them 100% customized for myself, my own strengths and weaknesses, and my schedule/non-running responsibilities.

Also different, and perhaps this is the key feature, is that week seven was nearly half-way into the entire training plan last time, and this time it is only a quarter of the way through.

One could argue that this plan isn’t marathon specific training until week 16, where the mileage buildup really takes off. I’d say that’s fair, except that the key to a good plan is that it takes into account anything that might preclude success. (gasp! Is that a tenet of ABA that I just snuck in there?!?!) If I don’t have an outcome specific plan in place, I KNOW that I wouldn’t be prepared for the training volume necessary even during week one of a 16 week plan.

I have already complained about the fact that I had some rather childish/regressive moments this week, so did one of my dogs. Penelope has been throwing up. When she was a teeny puppy she would face-plant into her bowl  every time she ate. Last night she refused to eat unless I sat on the floor, and then she did this:

Like an 8 week old.

She then tried to drink water whilst laying down, not as successful. Then, she snuggled up with me all night, which was nice.

That was random, apologies if you are still reading.

On to the obligatory weekly training recap:

Monday: 8hrs sleep, 4mi run, back/chest/core weight lifting

Tuesday: 7hrs sleep, 7mi run

Wednesday: 6hrs sleep, Spin class, 3mi run

Thursday: 7hrs sleep, impromptu rest day

Friday: 6.5hrs sleep, 6mi run

Saturday: 9hrs sleep, 12mi run

Sunday: 8hrs sleep, 2 spin classes, body blast class

Total mileage:32

I was feeling pretty good about myself yesterday because my legs felt really good after my long run. But today, after 2 hard spin classes (I subbed the one before my regular class) and body blast all in a row, I’d like to stay seated for a while.

Finally, time for graphs:

It's getting pretty!

This one is less pretty, but I am proud of the self-control I am exercising in so gradually building weekly mileage:

So much more to come!

I am certain you have many more interesting and enjoyable things to do this Sunday afternoon, go enjoy, thanks for playing along!


3 responses to “6 weeks down, 21 to go.

  1. gret blog! and your doggie is a sweetie 🙂

  2. *great*

  3. Thanks! I was enjoying your blog this weekend. I have never been to the UK, but am very very very tentatively wondering if I should make running the London Marathon a goal sometime in the next few years.


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