7 down, 20 to go, and: mahna-mahna.

I saw the Muppet Movie last night. It was fantastic. Jim Henson is very missed, my childhood would have been far less creative without his work. I just wanted to share that.

20 weeks to go. We are nearly to the time when most people begin training (18 and 16 weeks out) for Boston. I have been thinking a lot about my mileage building from 16 weeks out, not exactly sure what it’s going to look like, I keep moving things around. We’ll see how my body feels as it goes.

This was not as clean a training week as I have been having. Being a Holiday week is not the excuse. If anything, I should have gotten MORE training in, not less. But alas, things like sleep, and projects at home, and general wasting of time won out. I even stayed home from work last Tuesday feeling crap-tastic (I will spare you the trips-to-the-bathroom count).

This week was the first week of the “strength” period (6 weeks) of my Boston Marathon plan. It turns out to be a misnomer though. I did ZERO strength training this week! If you count the 2 body blast classes I taught, then I did an hour of strength work. But, let’s be honest, those classes shouldn’t count.


Monday: 6hrs Sleep, 6mi Run

Tuesday: 7hrs Sleep, 6mi Run

Wednesday: 6.5hrs Sleep, Spin Class, Core circuit (does this count as a strength session?…sadly, no)

Thursday: 12hrs Sleep (Happy Thanksgiving to me!!! Seriously, I was COMATOSE) 3mi Run

Avg Pace
Summary 23:07.8 3.18 7:16.9
1 7:29.3 1.00 7:29.4
2 7:12.5 1.00 7:12.6
3 7:11.0 1.00 7:11.1
4 1:14.9 0.18

I want to share these data because, how much sense does this make? I ran at about 3:30pm, all I had eaten (after 12hrs of sleeping) was about 10 of my signature chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and like, 20 ounces of orange juice (the pulpy yummy kind). Then managed to pull a respectable run, on rainy streets, with zero heartburn.

I get f-ing heartburn from a banana and a tepid cup of water. What the heck? Must have been some holiday pixie dust magic (sorry, there goes Jim Henson again).

Friday: 8hrs Sleep, NADA

Saturday: 8hrs Sleep, Body Blast Class, 12mi run – this run was TOUGH, my body was feeling rough, and it was wet and rainy out, but my splits are totally acceptable. I think, anyway.

Avg Pace
Summary 1:38:24.0 12.00 8:11.9
1 8:15.5 1.00 8:15.6
2 8:18.0 1.00 8:18.1
3 8:08.8 1.00 8:08.9
4 8:09.2 1.00 8:09.3
5 8:10.7 1.00 8:10.8
6 8:03.4 1.00 8:03.5
7 8:11.3 1.00 8:11.4
8 8:01.8 1.00 8:01.9
9 8:01.8 1.00 8:01.9
10 8:43.6 1.00 8:43.7
11 8:14.8 1.00 8:14.9
12 8:03.4 1.00 8:03.5
13 :1.4 0.00 5:30.4

My planned mileage for this week was 32 miles. I missed a run for the first time (a 5 miler) in 7 weeks on Friday, so I finished up this week with 27 miles. I was going to do the missed run this morning, but my knees hurt, so I didn’t. I do not have knee problems, I shit you not; my knees, lower legs, and lower back are beat to hell from Black-Friday shopping downtown with Jorge. Doing the “0vercrowded-Michigan-avenue-shuffle” for 6 hours is an endurance challenge all its own.

Sunday: 8hrs Sleep, Spin Class, Body Blast Class, Vin/Yin Yoga Class (90mins)

I am a jerk and didn’t buy a single Christmas present, no wait, I got one. I also got myself a really nice work outfit at one of my 2 favorite shops.

Change of subject with no segue:

Maybe it’s just the “impending new years” in the air, but people have been casually asking me about my goals lately. Things like: Marathon finish time goals, professional goals, body composition goals, dietary (usually in the context of colitis) goals, educational goals, and so on.

Should I talk about goals? Clearly, I am a pretty goal-oriented person, (ok, that’s a lame statement: who isn’t?). I agree, goals are important. But, I haven’t writing about goals. Not sure why, I guess many of my goals are unclear at the moment. Often, to write about, and share goals, is to subtly modify them for your audience, or you modify them for yourself because of the accountability factor once things are in public (yes, the blogosphere counts as public!).

So, ah, I am not ready to talk about goals, because I don’t want to dial them down, and I also want to be honest on this blog, and honest with myself. 

New Year’s is coming, so, yes, I suppose there will be some obligatory goal-setting.  TBA.

My mother and I have decided to try not to eat ANY junk food between now (well, yesterday) and Christmas ( I am thinking EVE, not DAY). We are going to check in every day with each other (either phone, text, or email) for accountability and to track misses.

If anyone wants to join in, let me know, the more the merrier! You can define “junk food” on your own terms. I will include you in an email chain, just say the word.

Gotta get to Yoga class now, I should probably stop rambling and put on some proper pants, I don’t think I should wear my PJ’s (yes, I change into PJ’s even when I am only home for 2hrs).


3 responses to “7 down, 20 to go, and: mahna-mahna.

  1. Pretty good times for a long run – in a wet/rainy weather conditions too! Great job sticking through with it. My long run this week was in 60 degree weather and it was challenging for me! PS I am new to the blogging world, and I totally agree – posting your goals out in the blog world does help with accountability factor. 🙂

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