Junk -Free Hollydays (that is to say: between Tday and Xmas day)

FYI: this is an open invitation!

mmm, cookies.

I mentioned in my last post that I have a hard time talking about goals, but that I also have a goal to not eat any junk food until Christmas. My sister-in-law and 6 others are joining me. Everyone has different goals and different ways of measuring them. Either once per day, or once every other day each person is emailing the group with how they are doing in regards to those goals. If more than 10 people decide to join in I will start up a forum or a Facebook page/event to streamline things.

Dear Whoopie Pies, I love you. Please, please wait for me! With the most enduring love, AB

I went ahead and further defined my goals as follows:

I will NOT eat:

  • anything with a type of refined sugar as the first ingredient
  •  anything with more than 5 ingredients on the label
  • anything without an expiration date within the next 6 weeks
  •  ice cream, cereals out of the box (!!!!! – translation: I won’t be eating cereal), candy, soda (diet or regular)
  • anything that has an artificial sweetener in it
  •  soy milk (I love it in my coffee at starbucks, but inevitably it gives me cramps and gas)

Also, I will not OVER EAT!


I will not use food as a reward or eating as a coping skill.

I probably should have a coffee reduction goal...but let's not go crazy. Office time is hard enough.

Other goals:

  • I will not feel BAD if I skip a training run because I am tired, sore, injured, or otherwise incapacitated
  • I will practice mindfulness at least once per day and
  • I will recognize, accept, and move on when I take on the stress of others (mostly this will be a work-place challenge)
  • go to YOGA 2x per week or more (or practice at home)
  • get at least 7hrs of sleep 6/7 nights

So far, I am pleased with my effort and my dietary goals are going well. I am not however, hitting home runs in the sleep department (sips coffee).

That’s all for now (as I have used enough break time from work), please, if you would like to join me just reply with you preferred email address.





3 responses to “Junk -Free Hollydays (that is to say: between Tday and Xmas day)

  1. good luck!

  2. Wow good luck! I am such a choclaholic (spelling was totally wrong?) so I envy that you have the self control to do this – you go girl! I really want to join you in this no sweets journey, but not sure if I will make it to Christmas…maybe a week? better then nothing right!! I am also with you on the getting more sleep…5 1/2 hours every night this week! Sounds like you have some great goals!

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