Beards a go.

Lucy was not-so-patiently waiting for me to throw her soccer ball.

  • As it happens, I have the right bone structure to support a nice beard.
  • I also am very comfortable wearing a beard and a skirt, at the same time.
  • Theme races and running in costume make me happy.
  • 5k of 5,000 runners in Santa hats and beards tomorrow morning will be entertaining.
  • Me running alone, for the 4 miles to the race, and the 4 miles home, in the above get-up, will hopefully make other people happy, or concerned.
  • I love to itemize, especially with bullets.
  • Week one of the junk free hollydays did not go so well for me. I feel pretty sick actually. BooHooBuckets.
  • I missed a 8mile training run and feel guilty, but I was soooooo sleepy. “buckets of rain, buckets of tears…”
  • Had a total of about 8 failures this week, maybe more. “life is sad, life is a bust. All ya can do is do what you must.”
  • It’s never to late to start fresh. Starting, now! “you do what you must do and ya do it well”
  • Apologies. I am not sure why I am spouting Dylan lyrics.
  • Tonight I will succeed in some R&R.


True to disorganized form, I am reading 7 books right now. I borrowed this one from a co-worker, and it has become the top priority on my list.


3 responses to “Beards a go.

  1. Your posts make me smile. oh so many clever sayings….do you make them up? Loved the santa outfit!! Looks like your dog wants to ask you for a present, Santa!

  2. Lucy (the dog) is totally nuts about this little soccer ball, if you move, or make a sound, she assumes you are saying you are ready to throw it for her.


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