Week 8. 19 more until Boston.

It seems like a fitting time to do my weekly training update because about an hour ago the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon (and marathon a bit earlier), kicked off. Three bloggers (among many others) that I do not personally know, but I have been reading for the past year or so are running. So here’s to” Beth, Janae, and Ali!

So far the “strength” portion of this periodization marathon training plan is in no way measuring up the the idea. That is to say, I again this week found myself crossing out more things than I was checking off. I also, again, missed a run. An 8 miler this time. This week my goal is to get more sleep, and try to bring down my baseline stress (or level of frazzled-ness). I have some idea’s for that, we’ll see how it all pans out.

I might scrap the periodization method entirely, because the frustration I feel when I miss workouts, even if they aren’t runs, far outweighs the benefit of slugging through them at this point.

It’s still open for (mostly internal, admittedly) discussion.

Week 8 re-cap:

Monday: 5hrs Sleep, 4mi Run, Upper Body + Core Weight Lifting

Tuesday: 6hrs Sleep, 6mi Run

Wednesday: 5.5hrs Sleep, 5mi Run, Spin Class

Thursday: 6hrs Sleep, stayed conscious all day (which felt like an accomplishment)

Friday: 6hrs Sleep, again…pretty good for nothing.

Saturday: 8hrs Sleep, 12mi Run (the middle 3.1 were the SANTA HUSTLE)

Sunday: 7hrs Sleep, 2 Spin Classes, Body Blast Class

Total: 27 miles

To be honest, I felt horrible about taking two days off in a row, but now, I am pleased with my mileage, I am still 19 weeks out, and I know that I need to build carefully because my foot is still pretty touchy and I have never been able to really sustain much over 35 mile weeks. Also, I felt pretty relaxed on Saturdays run, and I wasn’t tired while leading 3 group classes in a row at the gym this morning!

My long run was a little unorthodox this week. I ran 4.5 miles to the Santa Hustle 5k starting area,  then ran the race (though I didn’t speed up much), then I ran back home. I paused my Garmin between each section, so there is some rest in there (and potty stop – wink).

Avg Pace
Summary 1:33:10.7 12.00 7:46
1 7:46.7 1.00 7:47
2 7:46.2 1.00 7:46
3 7:34.6 1.00 7:35
4 7:38.6 1.00 7:39
5 7:35.9 1.00 7:36
6 7:07.9 1.00 7:08
7 7:15.2 1.00 7:15
8 7:22.7 1.00 7:23
9 8:01.3 1.00 8:01
10 8:05.9 1.00 8:06
11 8:51.0 1.00 8:51
12 8:03.5 1.00 8:04
13 :01.3 0.01 4:08

It was a nice way to do it though, especially since I ws feeling pretty unmotivated to get out the door . A benefit of living in a big city is races ALL THE TIME, so I might try this strategy again sometime.

Surprisingly (I suspect many people bailed because it was raining pretty hard all morning), it turns out, I placed 3rd in my division at the race, and would have collected a nice Santa Medal. Had I stuck around. But dammit, I didn’t.

I’m sad because I like medals, I don’t have a lot of them, and I LOVE novelty medals.

This is NOT from my race...looks like its in Europe? I didn't even look at the website it's from. I am a rebel, I just stole it. You're welcome.

In other news, because I know this post is a nail-biter:

My stomach/entire digestive system has been bothersome all week. Subtly and annoyingly so. It hasn’t seemed to matter what I eat, I just get nauseous whenever I eat (I feel like I have said this already…but that may have been in a “junk-free hollydays” email.

Strangely though, I seem to have an unlimited capacity for air-popped popcorn and those canned La Croix fizzy water drinks. Doesn’t seem like the most reasonable mix (um fiber overload?), but it’s nice to have a snack option that doesn’t leave me angry.

So here’s to a great week full of: sleep, running, fizzy water, popcorn , and hopefully some new playlists for Spin class (I have been using the same 15 for like a year)!


2 responses to “Week 8. 19 more until Boston.

  1. Even though you missed a running day, you still logged a ton of miles! Go you – and don’t feel guilty! We still have plenty of time to train! I am trying to make it to 28 miles this week. Good luck! PS – Hope your stomach feels better :-/

  2. Thanks Jaime! That’s exactly what I have been trying to say to myself when I miss a run or have a bad run, that there is still a lot of training to come.


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