A consistent 9 weeks in the bag.18 more until B-day.

B-day. Get it? It’s lies somewhere between a pun, and an ironic statement.

I haven’t been posting much, I imagine I’ll pick it up this week (or next), and I will keep this one brief.

New addition to the family...hopefully the girls don't eat him. So far they have unwrapped 3 gifts and eaten much of the paper. Also, they ate one of my favorite shoes and pooped on the couch. Guess they don't like the Holiday season.

29 weeks out, re-cap:

Monday: 7hrs Sleep, 5mi Run

Tuesday:5.5hrs Sleep, 7mi Run, total Body strength session

Wednesday:7hrs Sleep, Spin class

Thursday: 6.5hrs Sleep, 7mi Run

Friday: 7hrs Sleep, 3.5mi Run

Saturday:8hrs Sleep, 12 mi. Run

Sunday: 8hrs sleep, Spin Class, Blast Class

Total: 34.5 miles

I did better on the sleeping and energy management front this week. Still not getting in the strength sessions I want, grr.

I have lost 2.5 pounds since Thanksgiving though! The goals I set for my self-challenge (which I convinced a few near-and-dear to try with me) for a Junk-Free Hollydays, are probably about 75% in tact. I have drastically reduced the frequency with which I over-eat, and my junk intake is lower, I did have a pretty sloppy, touch and go few days between last Wednesday and yesterday. But overall progress is really great! I’d love to drop another 2 or 3 pounds before Christmas. That would mean a total loss of 10 pounds since week 1 of this round of training, and that, I like.



One response to “A consistent 9 weeks in the bag.18 more until B-day.

  1. Sounds like you had a really great week! Go you 🙂 A lot of miles!!! Don’t worry you will get strength training in! The good thing about marathon training if losing weight without trying !


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