10 training weeks done, 17 to do.

This past week is the time when a first cluster of runners begin training for the Boston Marathon (18 weeks out as of last Monday), next Monday will the the most popular starting point (16 weeks out), and then at 12 weeks out you’ll get some of the more experienced marathoners ramping up.

I started early, if I have learned nothing else about myself, it’s that I do things at my own pace (ask my poor parents).

10 weeks sounds like a lot. It feels like I just started thinking of running Boston as an inevitability, like, days ago. Not months…

That is, for what seems like the entire expanse of my memory, I have thought of the Boston Marathon as a sort of lofty aspiration (something that I can now admit I felt even last year as I trained for it, and ultimately had to bail out), not something I would realistically have the ability and patience to train for and actually strategize about. Somewhere within the ideal picture of my adult-self when I was a teenager and even in college and throughout most of my 20’s, was a person who  got up, every day, and ran and trained with a singular goal in mind.

Now, I may not be hitting the mark on many other aspects within that portrait of the overall-something-beyond-weekend-warrior-but-below-olympic-hopeful athlete/professional/awesome person, but I suddenly feel like I am a whole lot closer.

Some marks of this progress: I am being diligent in my patience regarding building mileage (yes, patience, for me, takes a great deal of effort). Additionally,  I am trying to put rest and proper fueling above cross-training and weight loss (also, not without constant effort)…but I am confident it’s all going to pay off. As I look at my comparison charts of different training efforts, and I look over my training run splits. I am slowly realizing that I might just be onto something.

What kind of something?

A 3:15 marathon finish kind of something.

Maybe not at Boston (can you say distracting atmosphere and weeeeiiird topography?), but I spent a few obsessive hours reading reviews of a slew of marathons for next fall, and I know I can hit it.

That, among other things, has been greatly on my mind this week.

Here’s the good stuff:

17 weeks to go training re-cap:

Monday: 6hrs Sleep, 5 mi Run, Lift: 20min total body, 30mins Stepmill

Tuesday: 7hrs Sleep, 6 mi Run, Lift: back/core

Wednesday: 7hrs Sleep, Spin Class

Thursday: 7hrs Sleep, 6 mi Run

Friday: ?sleep, no workout (Jorge’s Graduation (with honors!) from Roosevelt University!)

Saturday: 5hrs Sleep, 14 mi Run

Sunday: 8hrs Sleep, 5 mi Run, Spin Class, Body Blast Class

Total: 36 miles

In a stroke of genius (note: sarcasm) this morning I realized that I could grind flax seeds in my coffee grinder, this is after buying a HUGE bag of brown flax seeds a while ago, then getting really mad when I was told they don’t digest whole (yes, I am simplifying)…my green breakfast smoothies just got an anti-inflammatory boost!

mmm, nutty.


2 responses to “10 training weeks done, 17 to do.

  1. Hi,

    Fiberliza here to play Devil’s Advocate. Don’t discount the idea of a PR at Boston. Reasons: you will probably never train for or have as much invested emotionally as you do running the Boston; you will be running with people who run the same pace as you from the beginning, and thus will have “competitors” around you all the time; it is a net downhill, so if you can “manage” the uphills, you have gravity working for you; the crowds! they may be distracting, but they sure are a boost!

    Good luck and good training!

  2. Eliza, I think I like the devil’s take on this!


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