Weeks 11 and 12: Christmas and radioactive ducks!

Small fresh starts,

Are welcome any time.

It’s your choice.

You can relax and keep reading. This is not a post about New Year’s resolutions, I just wanted to say the above. Which is almost in Haiku form, but not quite.

Weird-ass, possibly radio-active, Texan- monster-duck (note the trash in marsh, rude).

I had planned (the day-dreamy sort of planning) to blog several times and cover some things I have been wanting to post about for a while now during Christmas week with my family, but alas, I decided to not post at all because it proved very difficult and undesirable to do anything other than sit and stare in wonder, and complete delight, at my 4 year old nephew.

...who, in turn, stared in wonder and complete delight at his new Lite Brite

I also got to run with my mom’s dog, Abby. She proved to be an excellent running partner, she also provided lots of evidence to support the notion that I NEED a Wiemaraner.

A wiemaraner she is not, but for 1 to 5 mile runs, and recovery cuddle sessions, she is perfect!

I won’t ( blogs are totally an altruistic act) be so self-indulgent as to give you a play-by-play of my vacation, but the highlights include some unnervingly cold weather, awesome short runs with Abby the dog, an adventurous long run with Momma my momma, a longer run through a marsh that had lots of wildlife and weird boardwalk thing,  a bone-chattering-cold motorcycle ride with my dad and brother, “playing” (wink) dress-up with my sister-in-law, and eating most of a pan of apple crisp. Hands down the best part of the week was that every morning my nephew woke me up, then would snuggle with me until I was ready to keep my eyes open, he’s pretty spectacular, that kid.

A close-up on the boardwalk.

I got back from San Antonio late Thursday night, and since I am starting a new job next Thursday, I want my apartment to be clean and organized so that I won’t: feel over-taxed and fall off my training schedule; Or slack off on my new super-amazing-awesome-empowering-supportive-motivating-holistic-health program my sister-in-law, Teresa, and I are working on (we really, really, need help coming up with a name!); Or clean(er) eating in an effort to survive the transition process. (I also need a re-fresher course in proper use of punctuation…?!)

Therefore, on Friday, I ran some errands. Most notably, Traders Joe’s to replenish my smoothie ingredients, and buy some dark chocolate peanut butter cups (thanks for that introduction, Santa (you know who you are) which led to cleaning out the fridge, which makes me happy, but meant that I didn’t get anything else done.

It's not a glamourous appliance, and it leaks, hence the rusty pan. And, no before shot. Yes, intentionally (I rent, cut me some slack).

Even the fizzy water with "natural flavors" and the condiments look healthier in a clean fridge. (Yes, there are 3 different kinds of milk in there)

My grandmother taught me to scrub the fridge once a month. I probably do it every 3 months. Every time I move I am absolutely shocked at how gross the fridge is. Every-single-time! It’s a wonder people don’t poison themselves.

It is Sunday night now, and I am T-minus 3 days from starting my new job and my apartment looks like a tornado hit it (I HATED it when I was a kid and my parents would say that about my room…but they were TOTALLY right, I am a slob). Lots to do.

I have been really superfluous in my writing all day (lots of long email and texts), so I will move on to my re-caps now:

Week 11 (12/19 – 12/25) training:

Monday: 6.5hrs Sleep, 6mi Run

Tuesday: 7hr Sleep, 3mi Run

Wednesday: 7hrs Sleep, 3mi Run, Spin Class

Thursday: 8hrs Sleep, 10mi Run, FLY TO TEXAS

Friday: 6hrs Sleep, 3.5mi Run

Saturday: ?Sleep, 14mi Run

Sunday: 4.5hrs Sleep (CHRISTMAS!), 3mi Run, Random Strength Circuit

Total mileage: 42.5miles

Do these miles count? (front to back: me, dad, brother)

Week 12 (12/26 – 1/1)

I didn’t log my sleep because I don’t think I was ever looking at a clock, I kept asking the 4yr old what time it was. I do know I never got more than 6-ish hours though.

Monday: 3mi Run

Tuesday: 8mi Run (woke up with sore throat)

Wednesday: Cold of the season strikes! Rest day.

Thursday: Apparently it’s some sort of plague…also, flight home to Chicago.

Friday: 7hrs Sleep, 6mi Run…blllargh, illness can bite me!

Saturday: 7hrs Sleep, 15mi Run, worked on perfecting my snot rocket form.

Sunday: 7hrs sleep, behaved myself on New Years Eve, but decided to take an additional rest day.

Total Mileage: 32 miles

15 weeks to go until Boston!

Happy New Year!







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