Blogger Gift Exchange! Or, Dear Secret Santa: Thank you! (and sorry for the delay)

I have been putting away Christmas decorations and working my way through several cleaning and organization projects today, (need to go run soon, I have put on a piece of running gear on every time I go in the bedroom…so far, I have my jog-bra and fleece pants, at this rate the sun will set before I get out there).

Anyway, once I finally got to the bottom of the enormous pile of stuff that had accumulated on my kitchen table/desk/place I spend 98% of my time at home, I found this stuff!

Look! I also found out what color the table is!

I received a package in the mail on the night before my last day at my job (new one starts in like 36hrs, ahhh!), I was thrilled and here is why:

  • I need several pair of running gloves because Chicago weather means getting snot all over yourself, which means washing your gloves at an annoying frequency…also, I love the graphic!
  • The phrase on the tissues got me through my last day at work, I am not kidding. I plan to take those tissues to my new job and place them on my desk as a reminder to remain level-headed and mindful.
  • The wall-calendar, which I have read through about 9 times now, makes me laugh, nod my head in solidarity and approval, and also reminds me that I am not the first woman to sometimes feel ambivalence about her gender, nor will I be the last.
This calendar is so great, in fact, that it has earned a coveted spot on the wall, right under one of my other Christmas gifts: an original painting titled “Asteroids Hitting the Earth” by Beck, 4yrs.

Also in shot: one elderly computer, 2 task lists, my training binder, and an obsessive number of pictures of my nephew.

My blogger Secret Santa was Alicia, I read a few  of her blogs posts over at her blog, The Brave New Girl, right away…I like her. She actually has TWO blogs, the other one, here, is all about running. This is why I like her, she’s got GUMPTION (sorry, I watched “The Holiday” about 5 times in the last 2 months). But it’s true, I think multitasking is overrated and is actually, well, a myth. However, people who undertake several projects at once, not a myth, they are the people who show us what life is all about!

One more thing regarding that calendar before I go, it is the perfect platform for counting down the days until the Boston Marathon:

I already got started.

Thank you, Alicia for the awesome gifts! I apologize for not posting right away, I was too excited to get-outta-dodge for the holiday. And also a thank you to Jill at Run With Jill for organizing the Secret Blogger Gift Exchange! A really fun idea and I will definitely do it again next year!



One response to “Blogger Gift Exchange! Or, Dear Secret Santa: Thank you! (and sorry for the delay)

  1. i’m so glad you received the gift, and that you liked it! i always get nervous with postal mail… so i was stressed that you didn’t receive it 🙂 happy new year!


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