As you’ve seen I have already been counting down to the Boston Marathon for 13 weeks. Today I am feeling a bit more legitimized because there are only 100 days to go!

I was going to celebrate this fact with a 10 mile run before work this morning, but I overslept…by 2 hours!

Looks like the excitement of starting my new job yesterday wore me out!

My office is in a building that used to be a chapel so there are neat details like this:


And this:


Also neat is that I have a full sized desk! A detail that was frustrating at my last job:


…still need to settle in.

A last detail that surpasses neat and goes straight to amazing is that it’s a dog friendly environment! Today this little girl kept us company:


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

If your answer was “annabelle should get a Weimaraner to train as a therapy/runner dog!” then we are on the same page.

Happy 100 days left to train!


2 responses to “Countdown!!!

  1. Wow! Only 100 days left. Eek, let’s get excited 🙂


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