14 weeks to go! (week 13 re-cap)

My first two days at my new gig went great. Of course, I didn’t do a ton outside of the typical new-job paperwork, drug screenings, physical, and so on. However, and I don’t think this is because of the shiny new job glowiness of the place, every single person I have met so far is fantastic. The culture there is genuinely proactive and caring, and  from the direct care staff to the administrators everyone seems to be really committed to provided their consumers with more than just what is mandated by the state. It is so refreshing!

I dare you to watch this recent press, and not want to come to work with me!

The Disabled Bloom at Garden Center Services

The people at fleet feet chicago went out of their way to allow me to register at no cost for the “Boston Bound 2012” program (which I had to drop out of last year before even going on a group run). The kick off was this Saturday, I have a post started to tell you all about it, I am pretty stoked (yes, stoked).

I had planned to get about 42miles in this week, but came up short. I had a great time running 8 miles with the Boston Bound group, but, I fear what was a relaxed training run for them, was a tough tempo run for me. So, I settled for 8 for the day (had planned to run another 7 after), had breakfast with some of the runners and their spouses (all really friendly and clever folks, so impressed). My overall trajectory seems spot on to me (see graphs below) so I am not worried about the missing miles.

Week 13 Re-Cap

Monday: 7hrs Sleep, 8mi Run

Tuesday: 9hrs Sleep, 7mi Run

Wednesday: 4hrs sleep, Spin Class

Thursday: 7hrs Sleep, 5mi Run

Friday: 7hrs Sleep, 8mi Run

Saturday: 7hrs Sleep, 8mi Run w/ Boston Bound

Sunday: 6.5hrs Sleep, 2 Spin Classes, Body Blast Class

Total mileage: 36

This week I am aiming to get back onto a weight training routine (with a little help from an iPhone app), I am going to scout out a gym near my new office tomorrow.

A bit variable, but still on track!

Weening off the 3 and 4 milers...

A couple more quick tasks and I am getting in bed with my iPad, to watch “Chariots of Fire”.

Can you believe I have never seen this movie?!

Have a great week!


4 responses to “14 weeks to go! (week 13 re-cap)

  1. Congrats on the new job! I’m glad you’re in an organization and role you’re so excited about… it truly makes the world!

    Also excited about your Boston-bound training! It’s one of my long term (not-so-secret goals), I’d love to train for Boston some day! As a side note, I actually train with the other group at Fleet Feet during that time, Chicago Endurance Sports! We’ll probably see each other around sometime and not even know it!

  2. hmm…perhaps we’ll have to break the “blog barrier” and have a post-run coffee sometime! I think I saw an endurance sports group meeting up at the Old Town location on Saturday morning.

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