Humility comes in many forms.

Recently I shared this excerpt from the many things I have learned over the past few years with the members of the super amazing healthy-living group/program that my sister-in-law and I are working on. 
They can and probably have been phrased better, but I am feeling especially grateful for the daily choices I get to make, and the dizzying luck I have had in finding a great place to work. And so, feel compelled to share:
  • probably 95% of your life experience is by choice or the consequence, good or bad, of the choices you make
  • What are difficult decisions for you, are an opportunity for choice to others
  • Your worst days are what someone else identifies as normal
  • Our (American) picture of poverty, is the ideal standard for the next generation for many others
  • Optimism, talent, happiness, empathy, and many of things we think people are born with….are actually skills, and you can learn them, and you can master them!

I have been reflecting a lot about the differences in both my approach and my mentality toward the Boston Marathon and running in general now, as compared to this time last year.

I was training last year with a dire sense of urgency and like, a sense of impeding doom. Now I am thrilled every run I complete, I am in no hurry to get faster, as I understand that with smart training, and patience, it is an inevitability.  The lovely side-effect of that understanding is that I feel just as satisfied with a slow run as a fast one (ok ALMOST), and it’s a lot easier to get up at 5 or 6 am to run in the cold and dark.

Although I really, really should have one of these guys to accompany me. Don't you think so?

This time last year (well, February), I joined Boston Bound, and sort of hung my head as I did so, as though I were admitting defeat. I wrote about it, here. It’s really interesting to read that post now, I had such a sense of not ever working out enough, running enough, or planning enough. Now, perhaps from the experience of failing to make it to the start line last year, surviving that, and learning a tomes-worth about running in the mean time, I am  excited to be part of a group, genuinely.

Through a technology SNAFU, my refund from Fleet Feet never went through (I never actually attended a meeting or run), I was able to register or free this year. I am so impressed with their customer service! I sort of forgot about it for months and months. And months…Fleet Feet had absolutely no obligation (shit…hope they don’t read this and change their minds!) to comp my registration to Boston Bound. But, they did, and I am absolutely elated. I am sure I will talk about it endlessly here.

They have a powerpoint and therefore know what they are talking about.

Now I must go watch the second half of “Chariots of Fire”…had to knock off last night.



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