APP to the rescue! (1 measely pull-up)

As I mentioned in last weeks re-cap, I am aiming to get back to at least 3 strength session per week, even if they are short (mostly to prevent losing muscle or strength). With my new job I am able to manage my schedule a bit better, and I am hoping to equally manage my energy levels better.

From all my years of different training efforts, and working as a personal trainer, I am honestly never at a loss for a good strength training routine, it’s more that I don’t want stiff or tender legs when I run.

Or, maybe the truth is more that, when I say I am going to keep a strength training regime in my training plan whilst working toward a marathon, I set my criteria too high. That is to say, I haven’t been able to accept strength training just 2 or 3 short sessions a week. Inevitably, I have gotten caught up in feeling like I have to train every muscle at least once and even better twice…so I end up filling in my training plan with 4 or 5 strength sessions that are an hour a piece. And so, time and time again, after 3 weeks (maximum) I stop lifting at all.

The fact of the matter is that, not being an elite athlete, and already having a fairly good based of strength training, I really only need 2 or 3 sessions of about 20 to 40 minutes a week. And, let’s be honest, banging out sets of bicep curls, and making sure I hit my delts from 3 different angles, is probably not going to result in shaving time off my marathon!

I keep hearing about some “Hundred Pushups” program. So I got curious and nosed around the app-store (I am still pretty infatuation with the phone I got last month) and threw down $8.99 last weekend for the “Fitness 4-in-1” app.

Fitness Workout 4-in-1: Pushups, Situps, Squats and Pullups - Shape A Perfect Body Curve (Own Our Best Selling Fitness Apps at 25% Discount)

It’s actually pretty neat in its simplicity. It appeals to me because it generates a little graph as you go, and if you’ve been reading for more than 2 posts, you know that I will do nearly anything if I know it’s going to be charted or graphed.

There were a lot of negative reviews. Consumer reviews always make me shake my head because the complaints often have nothing to do with the product, but the person using the product wrong.

Basically, you test how many consecutive Push-ups, Pull-ups, Sit ups, and Squats you can do, then, based on that, you follow the app to practice those four skills three times a week.

As it turns out, I might be on the day 1 week 1 Pull-up routine until July! I can already do 200 body-weight squats (I stopped because I got bored), but it can’t hurt to keep doing them! I did alright on push ups (26), but am sore, which is nice, and at least I know I will make quick progress there, and sit-ups I did surprisingly poor (36), I was all cocky thinking I would do 75…hah!

So anyway, I have a strength regime of sorts for the next 6 weeks or so. I know it’s not running specific, but I am stoked at the prospect of developing a cool party trick.

Push Up contest anyone????

In other news, this evening is the first speed work run with the Boston Bound group. My gut had been a bit flared up for the last 4 days, but other than that I am really looking forward to seeing how I do.

We are starting off “easy” (again, HAH!) with a 2.1 warm up, 1 mi. at goal pace, 1 mi. easy, 1 mi. at goal pace, and a 1 mile cool down.

If I can get the splits to go right on my Garmin (mmm, doubtful. Due to operator error), I will post them. Unless they are really slow, in which case I will just lie.




5 responses to “APP to the rescue! (1 measely pull-up)

  1. I’ve seen those apps and thought about trying to use them, but wasn’t really sure about it. I love strength training! It’s one of those weird things that you probably shouldn’t admit to in public, but whatever. I think it’s awesome, and I’ll be interested in hearing how that program works for you long-term.

    • I will definitely post my progress! I will be really annoyingly excited if I even get to a point of doing 3 consecutive pull-ups!

  2. It’s free and it is a good program if your app does not work out.

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