WIAW – It’s a thing.

Several times over the last few months I have seen people posting visual food diaries on their otherwise not food-centric blogs…coincedentally, these posts were often on Wednesdays.

Yah, turns out that is not a coincidence but a virtual event called “What I ate Wednesday” (WIAW) dreamt up by a clever blogger.

So I am joining in. I am not holding myself to do this and post every week, but as it happens, if I am going to eat crappy, it typically happens on Wednesdays. I get up extra early on Wednesdays to teach a Spin class and consistently don’t sleep well on Tuesday nights. Being tired is my number one antecendent to eating decidedly NOT clean, and then spiralling into a box of sugary cereal by bedtime. This happened, in fact, just last week, and I have yet to be fully “back-on-track”.

That makes today (yes, I realize that it is now Thursday, not Wednesday. I was tired and wanted to NOT look at a computer last night) the perfect day to do my first “WIAW” post, so here it goes:

5:15am Water and Coffee (re-heated from yesterday's (Tuesday) pot. Yes, it's pretty gross) while sending today's (Tuesday's) email.

7:45am: Water and a Banana whilst getting ready for work at the gym

8:15am Venti Bold Coffee! (for sipping at until about 10:30)

10am, I sure do love bananas!

10:15 Trader Joe's Green Tea Mints...I love these, and they totally kill coffee breath! x2, then again at 3:30pm

10:45 Waaaaater! (refilled again after lunch, and at 4:30pm for the commute home)

12:30pm: Lunch (no, I didn't eat all my veggies...that's 2 lunches worth)

2:30 pm HUNGRY! Yesterdays lunch left-overs homemade rice and turkey chili.

4pm Thinking: OMG, why am I so hungry!!! I was so happy to find this bar under a pile of notes yet to find a home in the new office. I thought these bars were gone. Woohoo! (and I don't even really like them)

8:30pm Post Speedwork with the Boston Bound group. Feeling decidedly NOT hungry, but suspiciously nauseous. I ate 4 or 5 handfuls of this cereal while making dinner, because the box was on the counter. I am a cereal addict, and I am not kidding, if I see it, I eat it until it is gone. It's a problem.

9pm: DINNER! Finally! There was a second round of cornbread (which is why we don't make it very often), and a big glass of OJ for dessert.

That’s it! I felt hungry all day yesterday, I think this might be a product of trying to remember to take pictures of anything I ate. Think about food…want food? That’s the reason I never-ever follow prescribed diets…unless of course someone asks me to do it with them, or makes it a game or challenge or bet, because I am a sucker for all of those things.

But also, on Wednesdays I don’t have a HUGE smoothie for breakfast as I do most days, because it’s way to early to try to manipulate the blender, and people in the gym locker-room look at me funny when I bust out a green smoothie after spin glass, and then the tumbler gets all gross sitting in the truck all day…it’s a whole ordeal…

Another nice little side-effect was that when I put my dinner plate on the table to photograph it I said “Hey, let’s eat at the table tonight!”. And we did, and it was really nice. Even Jorge agreed (although, admittedly, without the marked enthusiasm I had) that we should eat at the kitchen table more frequently.

Yah, we’re bad, we eat on the couch, usually watching NCIS, or Fringe, if NCIS isn’t on. Gibbs makes good dinner company.

Well, I think I like this game! See you next Wednesday!

Oh, and,  for those who are following my Boston training (I know you’re out there because those posts get way more hits than the rest! Thanks for that!), I will post a 2 week re-cap this weekend.

Go enjoy your food, your exercise, and your day!


4 responses to “WIAW – It’s a thing.

  1. ahhhhh I was JUST at trader joes and totally should have picked up those mints! =) I will next time for sure! Instead I got some mustard-y pretzel bites that make my breath monsterous =) so good though!!!!

    Happy to have you as part of the party! omg and i’m the same way with cornbread btw – its an occasional occurrence bc i will literally eat it at ever meal and between meals too if its around =)

  2. all looks very healthy 🙂

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