Training re-caps 14 and 15. 12 weeks to go.

I skipped my long run yesterday (planned 16-miler, 12 of which would have been with the BB group). And I am only now getting close to accepting the dip on the graph, and moving on. Having started training for Boston 27 weeks out (really just structured base-building, admittedly), gives the illusion that it’s crunch time, that a single missed mile will equal to the total destruction of my finishing goals. The reality is that recovery is, and always will be, as important as the work. Perhaps more important. Because if my body isn’t recovering, I can’t do more work.


It’s actually been a rough 2 weeks for my marathon specific training…ok, that is to say, ALL my training. I have been feeling heavy of leg, puffy of body, and unfocused of mind. Some of which can be attributed to sliding off my healthy eating habits a bit, and some can be attributed to not enough rest (not just sleep but sitting with unstructured time in general).

I am working on both, I already made my to-do lists for work this week which should help me to not feel rushed all the time, and Jorge has agreed that we will both go for no junk food until April 16th (AFTER the marathon). I know, I know, I know, that all or nothing is not the most realistic and reasonable way, but lately I don’t do so well operating in the gray areas. I need clear boundaries and guidelines. I seem to have piled a lot on my “plate” and I only want to add more. Hence, clear cut rules are the way to go until post Patriots Day.

I did 800 meter repeats (just 4 of them) with the Boston Bound group last Wednesday night. I look forward to trying them again, I presume there is a learning curve. I mean, you must eventually figure out how to not throw up. Right?

I am still plugging away with that 4-in-1 app that I mentioned. And, no, I can’t do more than 1 pull-up yet.

Week 14 training re-cap

Monday: 7hrs Sleep, 8mi Run, 4-in-1 workout

Tuesday: 7hrs Sleep, 5mi Run

Wednesday: 6.5hrs Sleep, 4-in-1 workout, Spin Class, 6mi (speed work) w/ BB

Thursday: 8 hrs Sleep, REST DAY

Friday: 7hrs Sleep, 5mi Run, 4-in-1 workout

Saturday: 7hrs Sleep, 15mi Run (10 w/ BB)

Sunday: ?sleep, Spin Class x2, Body Blast Class

Total Mileage: 40


Week 15 training re-cap

Monday: 9hrs Sleep, 10mi Run, 4-in-1 workout (day off work MLK Day)

Tuesday: 7hrs Sleep, 6mi Run (this was the “bootstaps” run on the treadmill that I wrote about here)

Wednesday: 5hrs Sleep, Spin Class, 4-in-1 Workouts, 6mi Run (4×800) w/ BB

Thursday: 8hrs Sleep, Unplanned rest day due to barely-able-to-move

Friday: 6hrs Sleep, 6 mi on the treadmill (too cold out)

Saturday: 7hrs Sleep, bailed on my run about 10 mins before I was supposed to head out the door…

…I stayed in my running tights and jog bra until about 2pm when I finally resigned to the fact that my body was NOT in the mood.

Sunday: 8hrs Sleep, Spin Class x2, Body Blast Class

Total Mileage: 28

Leveling off 😦

It’s Sunday, Saddle-Up!


4 responses to “Training re-caps 14 and 15. 12 weeks to go.

  1. Keep going; you’ll feel so proud when you cross that line!

  2. Hey, interesting blog… i have never been to Boston but your training seems a tad intense?? just an observation, I am no expert…

  3. I don’t think it’s too intense, but I might be a little too focused on the details…

  4. It’s in your genes, I could never do more than one pull up.


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