WIA(M)W : and my inability to follow recipes

What I Ate (Monday) Wednesday.

I have to say that “attending” this party last week totally saved me from my typically fall-off-the-plan every Wednesday routine. So it’s here to stay!

So that I can be a part of the Pea’s and Crayon’s WIAW party each week (rather than be a day late all the time) here is what I ate this Monday. And next Wednesday I will post my food from today, and go forward like that.

Breakfast at my desk (I was a little rushed getting ready)

My gracious office-mate shared some afternoon coffee with me 🙂

Leftovers for Lunch


These were left-over from doing a preference assessment. I couldn't stand to throw them away!

Also leftover from the same assessment. Half a box. Waste-not-want-not?

Pancakes (made without butter) I like ingredients. Apparently.

Cooking on the grittle reminds me of Christmas as a kid (although I don't know that it was actually ever used on Christmas. Weird, right?)

Dinner, Breakfast, Snack....

A case of puppy lick sausage, and my eyes being bigger than my stomach (I had half of this for breakfast Tuesday morning)

Thanks for allowing me to indulge!




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