Speed and kettle-corn

If you spend a couple days with me you’ll notice I mostly live off of a few foods: apples, orange juice, coffee, and popcorn. One of my most frequently used kitchen tools is a hot-air popper. I have perfected (to my taste and with the help of seasoning from Target, anyway) homemade kettle corn.

I found this stuff, and just have to share:

I have gone through very close to an entire (Cosco-sized) bag of this stuff in the last 48hrs. To be fair I have shared with 4 people at work and Jorge. To be honest I will say that I’ve eaten 85% of it myself. It’s far, far, more sugary than when I make it, and it has on occasion given me a bit of sour stomach (which has happened to me whenever I eats sweets, every since I first began experiencing symptoms of colitis), but it’s otherwise the perfect snack!

In other news, I got held up at work yesterday, then held up in traffic, and didn’t get back to the city in time for the Boston Bound Speedwork session.

So I did 45 minutes worth of hard interval work on my spin bike (thank  you Fringe and iPad “Seconds” app for making that possible!). I figure at least that way I was simulating the leg turnover, and my heart and lungs likely don’t know the difference. Right?

This morning I went for a 7 mile run and am pretty self-satisfied that I banged out some speedwork all by my lonesome!

I did this (which I totally made up):

  • 2mi. warm up
  • 12 x .10mi fast (6:15 pace) with .15mi recovery (8:00 pace)
  • 2mi cool down

and it was awesome.

Keep Calm, Carry On.



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