11 weeks to go (16 completed)

I felt a lot better on my feet this week than last. So I am glad I backed off last weekend. I didn’t do the 4-in-1 app workout at all after Monday. I did get in more stretching, however, and more sleep. I feel just fine with that trade-off.

Week 16 training re-cap:

Monday: 7hrs Sleep, 6mi Run, 4-in-1 workout

Tuesday: 7hrs Sleep, 8mi Run

Wednesday: 7hrs Sleep, Spin Class, Home Spin Bike – 45mins of intervals (missed Boston Bound speedwork, got held up at work)

Thursday: 8hrs Sleep (woohoo!), 7mi Run

I did speed-work all by my lonesome…it went alright, I missed a few splits because I got distracted, but that only resulted in running fast longer, so no worries.

Friday: 7hrs Sleep, 3mi Run

Saturday: 8hrs Sleep, 18mi Run (4 miles of commute, 14 w/ BB)

Sunday: Spin Class x2, Body Blast Class

Total Mileage: 42

I am trying to finagle a Ragnar 2012 Ultra team, so rather than think of something meaningful to say here, I am going to go work on my rhetoric to bully people into joining my team.


One response to “11 weeks to go (16 completed)

  1. you are getting more sleep!!


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