Like avocado on your face.

Teresa sent me this avocado recipe the other day, and I was really skeptical. But it makes sense that the good oils and minerals you get from eating an avocado, could benefit your skin too.
Face mask:

1.    mash up half an avocado

2.    apply to clean face

3.    Leave on 15 minutes

4.     wash off.

Despite my skepticism, and since better skin care is a habit I could stand to get into I figured I would give it a try. Plus, a facemask you can eat, and has a flavor I love, bonus!
I used a whole avocado, simply because I like any excuse to use my food processor. Half is definitely more than enough to cover your face. Or you can make some guacamole with the leftover avocado and enjoy that while you sit and wait 15 minutes.
The mask feels exactly as you would expect: like someone smashed an avocado into your face.
Wearing the mask did not burn and otherwise insult my skin the way most do. Taking it off was a slimy experience.
I will try it a few more times to see if I notice any effects. My face did feeling a bit softer/less dry when I woke up the next morning.
Perhaps we are onto the next million-dollar-fad-diet-idea here: “The only eat things you can also apply to your face or bathe in diet”!  No?
Or, I have next Halloween’s Zombie mask all ready to go.

mmmm, fruit brains.


One response to “Like avocado on your face.

  1. Like Avacado? Try Mayonnaise. Similar effect for dry skin. For oily skin, mix egg white and oatmeal.


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