Ragnar 2012 recruitment!

Hi there. So, out of fear that everyone who knows me in real life will think I am off my rocker I am posting an email here that I am sending out in an hour. Please replace the word “email” with “blog” when appropriate. Also, if you think you are interested in joing my team, or my cause please comment below or email me at: annabellewinters@me.com


Warning: This email is the first of several to come over the next 10 days to several months, so if you know right away you are not interested in doing any one or more of the following (one is enough!): participating  in an “ultra” Ragnar 2012 relay, volunteering as a crew member for my team,  or fundraising with me for Garden Center Service (info below), please send me a reply that says something like “Annabelle, you’re nuts, please leave me alone”, and I will kindly remove you from the email list, but only if you say please. If you want to stay on the list because you just like being spammed, no worries-no judgment.

Also, if you know anyone who might be interested in any of the 3 things listed above, please please please forward this email to them, prompt them to respond, and I will include them in future emails.


My mission: To put together a 6 member team (3 men, 3 women would be ideal. However, any ratio will do) to participate in the Ragnar Relay 2012 Madison to Chicago. The race is approximately 200 miles, each runner of our team will complete either 6 legs of short to medium distances, or 3 legs of double that. We’ll decided as a team (likely in March) which strategy we will go with.

If you have not heard of this event before please visit the website: http://www.ragnarrelay.com/race/chicago

I am self-designating myself as team captain (mutiny notwithstanding), as such, I will do my best to coordinate all of the logistical concerns. This will include: calculating cost, deadlines for any money needed for registration, van rental, supplies and the like, training meet-ups or plans if desired, delegated support crew duties, scheduling running/resting/support rotation (which surely teammates will help with, and some are dictated by the event rules),  preparing food/beverage lists, preparing supplies for the race.

I will tell you right now that this team will not be “in it to win it” as it were. We will however be there to have a great time! There is no pressure to run sub 7 minute miles for all or your legs, and my personal plan is to have a beer, some chili, perhaps a little karaoke, then a nap after each leg (yes, out van will smell extra awful by the finish line).

So, if you have a problem with beer, tone-deaf singers, body odors, and enjoying every mile, then this is not the team for you.


What I need from you:  If you have even an ounce of interest, please respond to this email stating such. I will follow up this weekend with details regarding registration fee’s. At some point I will probably also demand that you strike a ridiculous pose, perhaps in a goofy hat, probably eating something awesome, to then be posted on my blog (which is at https://annabellewinters.wordpress.com).

My cause:  I plan to fundraise for Garden Center Services, who are indeed my employer, as I train and participate in Ragnar. Please visit the Garden Center Website to see what they’re all about: http://gardencenterservices.org

If you want to be on this team you DO NOT have to fundraise. You do, however, have to honestly believe that all people deserve to have choices in their daily life, and that everyone is entitled to an enriched environment where they are set-up for success.

I have talked with a few people, and can assure donors that 100% of all donations will go to programs and services that DIRECTLY support and benefit Garden Center consumers. No percentage of donations will go to recuperative of my costs or to other administrative activities.

As some of you know, I just finish my master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis last year. I’ll admit that while I was in school I was dreaming of chasing the dollar signs into behavioral economics and applications for large corporations. But after one small consultation gig for a crisis team (where I then worked for 9 months , I knew that I was hooked to spend my professional life serving a very specific population. I now work (as of the new year) for a small non-profit agency that serves (adult) individuals with developmental disabilities. I made the switch after working on a couple of crisis team cases and observing first hand at the creative, respectful, progressive,  and truly meaningful with work the Garden Center is doing.  Many of the people I work with have a dual diagnosis of developmental disability and mental illness, and they are historically one of the most mistreated and neglected populations worldwide. These individuals have huge potential to learn and to lead happy, productive lives. Unfortunately the federal and state funds that support the services needed for that to happen are always the first to see cuts to their already inadequate budgets.

I am hoping to make just a small dent in that discrepancy.

So my friends, there’s the lengthy introduction!

Please, let me know if you are interested, recruit anyone else you think might have interest, and I will keep it coming!




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