WIAW #3 – Highlights from the last week

I realize that scrolling down pictures of what I ate over the course of a day is A) dull and B) weird. So here’s the highlight reel (it took me hours to figure out how to make a mediocre collage, so you better like it!):

This week was heavy on popcorn and fruit...which might explain the round grumbly tummy I am now dealing with.

I did more cooking than usual! But still can’t focus long enough to follow a recipe.  I made Shepherds Pie (with sweat potato and turkey), Chili, and Lentil soup, as well as the usual fare or various chicken and rice meals…there were also many serving of raw-vegan ice-cream (a.k.a. frozen fruit blended into submission).

Happy What I Ate Wednesday Party…even if I arrived fashionably late!


3 responses to “WIAW #3 – Highlights from the last week

  1. Hope you post some recipes of some those eats! They look so good 🙂

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