Monday’s Nemisis (thy name is Super Bowl food)

As you’ve probably heard, it’s Super Bowl Sunday!
This afternoon’s is a sports contest that feels, and is treated like, a holiday. Even to those who know nothing about football, or perhaps aren’t sports fans at all very likely have game-time plans and menu’s in place.
I am comfortable placing a bet that many of the people who declare, “I am only here for the commercials”, really mean, “I am only here because it is a great, socially accepted excuse to over-eat lots of junk food”.
This idea that Super Bowl Sunday is a valid excuse (nay – reason) to over eat lots of nutritionally void, high caloric, fatty, sugary, and greasy foods is so pervasive that contrary to what you might expect, my 3 group exercise classes this morning will be full. It happens every year. I expect classes to be a ghost town on Super Bowl Sunday, thinking everyone is getting ready for the game and parties and so on. But no, they are at the gym trying to burn off some extra calories because they already have resigned to the fact that they are going to eat like it’s a contest.
I am not trying to be rude, and I love to lead a full house through a workout, but the 350 calories you burn off in a Spin class isn’t going to put much of a dent in the thousands (yes, thousands) of additional empty calories the average American will eat leading up to, and during today’s game.
And so, for just this Sunday, your time might be better spent planning lower calorie, nutritionally meaningful options for snacking during the game.
If you go online and search for food consumption statistics, you’ll get hundreds, probably thousands of articles, sites, and blogs dedicated to this astounding event (the eating, that is). What’s so striking is that the numbers are so big, as to lose there meaning.
To illustrate:  as much as I love avocados and guacamole, 13.2 million pounds worth of avocado sales seems mind numbing (California Avocado Commission). It’s a statistic so big, that it doesn’t resonate. Now, if you say to me Annabelle, if you are the average American you’ll eat more this afternoon, in both calories and weight, than you usually do on a typical Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday combined, well, that might get my attention and motivate my behavior.
An eating extravaganza like this is the antithesis to the spirit of Saddle-Up Sunday. Eating cheesy chili, nachos, chips, hot dogs, beer, pizza and all the other typical Super Bowl foods are going to set you up for a grumpy, groggy, sluggish Monday.
I guarantee that the Patriots and Giants player didn’t prepare for today by eating these foods! In fact, some of them probably swear off this crap for the whole season!
So  please, set yourself up for a Monday without indigestion, bloating, and fatigue.
Yes, you deserve to feel free to enjoy some treats.
But you also deserve to be selective in what you eat. And you deserve to wake up tomorrow feeling like you had a fun evening with delicious food! 
Eat only those foods that you will really enjoy! Typically after the first slice, the pizza isn’t very mouth-watering or satisfying any way. So enjoy that slice, then cleanse your palate with some crunchy veggies and hummus. Enjoy the guacamole with veggies rather than potato chips, and eat a couple servings not a couple cups (or bowls) of it!
Enjoy the game, Saddle-Up, GO PATS!


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