Week 17 – 10 to go

I hate to admit it, but this is by far the most consistent I have ever been with training for anything, ever (college swim season notwithstanding).

The great side effect is that I am beginning to see actual quantifiable progress.

Although I would argue that they aren’t “Yasso 800’s” unless you complete 10 of them, and thus are not a reliable predictor of a marathon distance performance. I am pleased to have done 5, 800’s all under 3 minutes on Wednesday.

Training Re-Cap 10 weeks left.

Monday: 7hrs sleep, 5mi. Run
Tuesday: 7hrs sleep, 7mi. Run
Wednesday: 6hrs sleep, 6.75 mi. W/ 5×800
Thursday: 8hrs sleep, rest day needed…zombie
Friday: 9hrs sleep, 4mi. Run (had to force it, did not feel like running at all)
Saturday: 7hrs sleep, 16mi. Run in Barrington, IL w/ hills. Boston Bound group.
Sunday: 6hrs sleep, 2x Spin class (new, very challenging profiles!), body blast class

Total: 38.75 miles

I am getting more sleep than before the new year, which is great!

During the hilly group run on Saturday I ran a half marathon PR, which seems a little ridiculous, but I was pleased enough that I am trying to find a half to run soon so I can officially bring that time down.

Avg Pace
Summary 1:59:35.5 16.00 7:28
1 7:56.2 1.00 7:56
2 7:34.8 1.00 7:35
3 7:22.0 1.00 7:22
4 7:18.7 1.00 7:19
5 7:39.4 1.00 7:39
6 7:27.9 1.00 7:28
7 7:15.0 1.00 7:15
8 7:31.8 1.00 7:32
9 7:25.4 1.00 7:25
10 7:42.8 1.00 7:43
11 7:32.8 1.00 7:33
12 7:11.7 1.00 7:12
13 7:27.6 1.00 7:28
14 7:17.7 1.00 7:18
15 7:24.6 1.00 7:25
16 7:24.2 1.00 7:24
17 :03.0 0.00 11:16

(you can probably figure out where the bigger climbs were)

I was shocked to wake up and not feel sore today after running hills for what was probably the first time since moving to Chicago (2006). My calves/achilles are a bit tender, but nothing I can’t ignore.

Come this afternoon, my mood and energy plummeted! The run, then 2.5hrs of hard work at the gym today caught up to me and I napped for nearly 3hrs then remained groggy through the Super Bowl viewing and still feel worn out.

Moving on.

My next long run will be out in California and in memory of Sherry Arnold.

To join the virtual run, click on "Sherry Arnold" above and print out a bib.




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