Problem with impulse control…BAA 5k

Turns out my impulse control really suffers when my routine is interrupted. Things are sort of in a state of upheaval at my job right now. Our offices were broken into overnight on Sunday and many of us had our computers stolen, myself included. The building was also flooded. Insult to injury I guess.

A few co-workers and I are working out of a conference room at a different building that houses our larger day program for adults with disabilities. It’s a fun environment to be in, but working out of my briefcase is not fun.

Also, I am heading out to visit my family in California this Thursday afternoon for a long weekend (my nephew is turing 5!), then, next week I am going to a training for work for 3 days…so this week was meant to be exhausting anyway, without the thieving jackasses.

Anyway, at one point today I locked myself out of the “office” whilst everyone else was at a meeting in another part of town. First, I killed time visiting some clients, then answering emails and reading blogs on my phone…then, I saw that this blogger just registered for the BAA 5k, which is held the morning before the Boston Marathon, and immediately precedes the invitational mile race.

So I, admittedly without thinking for even a minute, registered as well.

I want to say: whoops?

But actually I am pleased I did it. I don’t know if I will run Boston again, but even if I run it 10 more times after this April, I want to soak up each and every possible part of the experience that I can.

I plan to run is slowly, just as a shake-out, I’d likely have run 3 – 5 miles that morning anyway, right?

I guess I should probably think about booking a flight and hotel room now.

Other signs of poor impulse control today, I stayed at work late obsessing over some verbiage in a document I am presenting to staff tomorrow. I skipped my workout(s). And I bought 3 (!!!) boxes of cereal, already ate a bowl (I am not allowed to buy it, because I always binge eat it). Also, I bought an Amy’s frozen pizza for dinner (Jorgie already ate, a healthy dinner of course), and I will probably eat all of it.


I can’t wait to go on a California run with my little soon-to-be-5-years-old-coach.


2 responses to “Problem with impulse control…BAA 5k

  1. Let it go. Don’t make it two bad days because you waste tomorrow thinking about a crappy today.


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