WIAW: my daily drinks (other than water, of course)

I drink a lot of coffee, and I love smoothies. Here’s a heart-shaped collage of the last weeks supply of both.

(there were more coffees but I forgot to take pictures of them)

As for the love your veggies month, all my smoothies have a scoop and a half of Amazing Grass Superfood in them.

What are your favorite dietary staples? (By staples I mean: not necessary for survival, but you eat them most day anyway)


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7 responses to “WIAW: my daily drinks (other than water, of course)

  1. I love adding chia seeds, goji berries and spinach to my smoothies! It gives you a nice wake up in the morning as apose to caffiene. Try it out! You’ll want to add some banana and bluberries to mask the spinach taste though:)

    • Yes, I typically use kale, but have been a very lazy food shopper this week, curses! I love banana’s they seem to disappear before making it into the smoothies, though….how peculiar.

      I keep seeing mention of chia seeds…I guess I need to try it out!

      Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I spy a Starbucks heart cup! I may have awwed a little in my head yesterday when I went and saw those! I am a dork – haha!

  3. I need to get into making smoothies.

  4. I swear by my morning grapefruit and Greek yogurt/low fat granola go to dinner!

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