WIAW – attempts at self-management

I stepped away from posting for about 10 days because I was overwhlemed and needed to scale back on self-imposed obligations for bit. I am happy to say it worked, I feel like Annabelle again, and after 9 terrible training runs in a row, I ran a fantastic 10-miler last night. Phew. Hopefully tonight’s Yasso-800’s are kind as well.

WIAW seems a great way to ease back in. Again, I really hate tracking food or calories, keeping a food log, or taking pictures of everything I eat. It just creates anxiety. I do really enjoy, however, operating on a theme (like Coffee WIAW, or esthetic WIAW).

Welcome to What-I-Ate-Wednesday: The Self-Management Edition: Here are a few things I did/made/prepared to help myself stay healthy this past week.

I was out of town for work last week and tried to avoid eating fast -food. I was in a town that is made up of mostly farm land, so there were a lot of options besides the typical McDonalds-KFC-Pizza Hut Triad. I did hit a Panera Bread for lunch, twice, and found (after 90 minutes of wandering around and getting lost) Sushi for dinner one night.

I packed my staples for the hotel, and managed to not feel off-track :

Yes, there is babyfood in there.

The other night (back home and in my normal routine) I was really exhausted and feeling a little bit sour-stomached. I made a bowl of cream-of-wheat with a large helping of blueberries, and some honey and cinnamon. It’s was very soothing and sent me right to sleep. This is one of my favorite snacks/meals and I can’t believe I hadn’t had it for months! I am going to pack some in April to make at the hotel in Boston (yes, I am already making my food list for that trip).

Would you like some cereal with those Blueberries?

We are still working in a sort of professional refugee camp, makeshift offices, shared spaces, and controlled chaos from the office break-in a few weeks ago. A natural side effect of this is that there seems to be more frequent trips to Starbucks and snacky offereings. To keep myself from over doing it, I made a giant “gorp” bin to last all week.

Yum...random assortment of options that leave me better off than donuts.

Speaking of donuts, in celebration of Fat Tuesday (I guess…) someone brought donuts from a local Polish bakery into work. I knew if I watched everyone else eat them and didn’t have one, I would just eat a lot of crap later on. We only have so much self-control to exercise in a day. So I had one, and it went down just fine!

Incidentally, I hit the donut lottery: chocolate cream!


2 responses to “WIAW – attempts at self-management

  1. I love that you just embraced the craving for a donut in this instance instead of fighting it because you realized you would keep wanting one! Life can’t be 100% and it’s so much easier when you admit that and just go with it! Plus, that donut looks well worth it. Nothing wasted about that! Happy Wednesday!


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