An exercise in gratitude (a mindful one at that).

People often blog, write articles (and fund-raising pitches) about why they do things (such as running). But in daily life we usually are more wrapped up in HOW we do things. The cost of focusing on the technical rather than the inspirational (motivation?), is our gratitude. And to lose sight of gratitude is to miss the point completely.

I run for a lot of different reasons, but the only one of those reasons that is constantly present, is that every single run reminds me of just how much ability, choice, freedom, love, respect, dignity, and learning opportunities I am awarded each and every day that I choose to get out of bed.

These are exactly the same reasons that inspire my career choice.

The following is reblogged from AT: Your Life. Thanks Teresa!

“Eighteen years ago today my then boyfriend, now husband, brought me a bouquet of green carnations for our four month anniversary because at the time green was my favorite color.  How sweet is that?

As time goes on in a relationship it is easy to not only stop doing things like remembering monthly anniversaries, but also to stop remembering to be grateful when the other person does little things for you.  Whether it is a spouse, significant other, child, or friend, the day to day acts of living can get in the way of stopping to be grateful for the other person.  How sad is that?

Today I urge you to take some time to think back and remember kind things people have done for you.  Write a journal entry on people in your life you have to be grateful for.  Think of some ways to show your gratitude.  By focusing on the positive aspects of your relationships with others and being grateful for them, you are encouraging more positive energy to show up.”


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