So many quotabled statements in here! Read it and I dare you to not be inspired to be healthier and to not take your fitness for granted.

Can’t wait for my own juicing journey the last 10 days of April!

My Juicing Journey

This was the pic that was on the front page of my local newspaper yesterday.

I am surprised, amazed and humbled that this journey we are on is “news”. To those who are joining the journey and who have been supporting me, I say thank you.  When I first started this blog, it’s main purpose was to help me journal and to capture my thoughts to help keep me on track. But I have learned that there are many others who are on a similar journey.  Whether it be for 25 lbs or if they have huge amounts to lose because, like me, they are morbidly obese.  While my primary motivation is to keep me on track, I am also getting a great deal of satisfaction from helping others on their trip. Hopefully, some who stop by here as a result of the article will hang around and join with us.

I know for others, like…

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