Bib’s, an injury scare.

Bib numbers for The Boston Marathon were posted (yesterday?) … last year my assigned number was  14716, but I dropped out due to injury, you can read about that decision here. It appears that although my 2010 qualifying time was still enough to gain me entry with the new rolling registration, I did move back over ONE THOUSAND runners! Holy moly! ( I am not sure that matters as all 1,000 folks probably have qualifying times within a minute or so of each other)



15911 2/7 Winters, Annabelle M 30 F Chicago IL USA USA


We are a month away from the big day, this week was a disaster! But I am happy to say it really is the first disastrous week in this entire training cycle, which has been rather endless (23 weeks so far). I have only been out to train twice this week for a total of 19 miles. I am not going to run today. I haven’t cross trained at all (subbed out spinning class because I was feeling sick).

Tomorrow I am racing in Cary, IL. I haven’t done a half marathon in ages! April of 2010…

Tomorrow will be a big test run. First, it will test my fitness level in preparation for Boston, and second it will test how far I have come in my efforts over the past two years. 

OF COURSE, this week I am experiencing an injury scare. After working out on Wednesday my right hip/glute/lower back began to hurt. 

It’s not letting go. Not yet.

Hopefully it does.



One response to “Bib’s, an injury scare.

  1. Can’t believe how close marathon monday is!! woo hoo. hope the injury went away, but I have a feeling it did with the times you pulled off in your last race 🙂


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